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So this is my second round of IVF, short protocol and they've changed my meds so it's all new again symptom wise. I took my cetrocide last night, and again this morning as advised, and since I've been having watery discharge, nothing major but enough to notice. I'm worried that I'm ovulating?! I know it's meant to stop it, but I'm just feeling rather anxious! Please feel free to tell me I'm being ridiculous!!!


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  • hello lovely i was on the short protocol last time and i had exactly the same with the discharge, as i also was on cetrotide and i aked the nurse about it, as i was worried too. but you dont need to worry as its just the follicles realeasing the hormones, doesnt mean that your ovlating. she said its a really good sign if you have the discharge. xxx

  • Thank you so much!! I was worried I was either being absolutely ridiculous, or my body was refusing to play the game!!

    Thank you again!


  • dont worry hun no question/situation is ever ridiculous, they group is great for it. when is your scan? xxx

  • Hi Aleelilook. Try not to worry, just the action of the Cetrotide on your hormones and cervical mucus - quite common. Good luck with it all! Diane

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