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Charges by clinic.... Advice needed

Hi all

We are due to start our 5th cycle of IVF, and have decided to shop around for the meds, so have asked the clinic for a private prescription which they have said that's fine but they charge for this £25 has anyone else been charged to have a private prescription? And they will also charge me for a sharps bin and the needles which is £10.

Even with paying these charges we would still save £200

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Hi there, even my clinic which charged me for everything never charged me for needles, sharps bin or prescription..that's disgraceful..as if they don't make enough..they should be ashamed...yes only my first round I got from clinic and each round after got from Asda..saved myself over £500 each tine. Good luck on your 5th round, end of February is my fifth go....we will get there...lots of love and best wishes to you xxx


My clinic gave me a private prescription for free so it would be cheaper for me xxx


strange actually because our clinic provides us with meds and other stuff for free. or to be clearer the price is included in the contract but on the contrary it really feels like they are just giving all of that to you because contract is very cheap.

and i thought that all of the clinics provided their clients with needles and stuff.

PS i first read that they asked you for 25k oh my God


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