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Hello as many people here i want to share my story. what to start with. hmm// so my name is Branka and i'm 40 years old. i was pregnant 3 times and had miscarriages plus the last one was very dangerous for my life that why now i'm without a uterine and feels like a half a woman

my hb insist on anither ways of being parents hard to say what i'm feeeling now

have you any advises

i'll be very grateful

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  • feel sorry for you, we are all on the same boat. i faced with similar problem, it's not a time to give up, keep your nose up!!!!!!!

  • thank you for great words. I will, definitely will

  • I'm so sorry for your losses and hope you are healing ok. Give it some time - I'm going through a miscarriage and although I want to move on maybe I realised I need time to heal first (I'm also 40 so feeling a bit desperate)

  • how i understand you, i even could think and see other people, tha's so unfair. why other women can have children after thousand of miscarriages ? ??? And me leaving heathy and active life so deprived of maternal happiness???

    will you try in natural way because I'm a bit scared of another fail??

    and thank you for support

  • Hi, I will prob have to go ivf again as I hadn't had any success without and I have at least one blocked tubes and problems with my ovaries. Good luck looking at surrogacy. I know on fertility friends there are forums about it. X

  • fertility friends? hmm i should look onto it but i'm thinking not only about surrogacy

    we have one more option it is adoption

  • Great! They have some boards about adoption too. Good luck!

  • Thak you for good words. I will look for it but frankly speaking I don't want to adopt. Adoption is last step in case we won't have a baby. oh, better to say if we couldn't do it naturally.

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