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we are starting the tx

it is going to be our third ivf already

for this time we are going to try using donor's eggs

hopefully it works

i am postendo and fibroids, but everything is supposed to be fine i guess

even though we had 2 failed attempts already

my dh believes that we will do this especially because we have changed the clinic following our good friend's advice. it is much cheaper than we were expecting it to be plus we can choose a donor and this is the most important thing

as for me i do not know how i feel, devastated i think

but what else can i do? we have to try if we want to have kids..

hope everyone's having a great day

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Sorry you passed all this. We've also had similar problem, we've failed 4 cycles but I'm sure that's not the and. Now we are applying for another clinic and they offered us pretty good pack of options. I know how you are feeling, at previous clinic we just wasted our time and monet no result and only devastation. as you we were adviced to change and i claerly understand that tha's our last chance. It's better to say I gave us the last chance.

but can't you move from donation to the surro, i've heard that could be

frankly speaking I don't know what is preparing for us.

Hope we all have great results.


hello kventinmargot. actually i felt the same few years ago...one fail after another and you dont know what to do next and is there anything you could do to win this fight. donor eggs worked for me nt at once but yhe 3d attempt became my final and the only successful one. keep my fingers crossed x


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