Funding going ahead....hopefully!

So I had my follow up appointment at the hospital today. My blood results were back and my AMH is only 4.6 so not high enough for funding :-( but my FSH was 5.7 so qualified for funding. So now I just need to wait for all the paperwork. She advised I just take Folic acid, no other recommendations, however I am going to start taking Ubiquinol.

Have also looked into acupuncture, anyone else done this and did it help ?

Much love xx

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  • Hi there, great news that you're getting started and had funding approved! My amh is low too and we are about to start our second cycle. I've just been debating acupuncture for this cycle as I had it for our first cycle and got a BFP which sadly was not meant to be. You will hear good and bad reports about it, ultimately you have to do what makes you happy. You have nothing to lose other than money so it could be worth a shot but it may not make any difference. I think it's more mind over matter? Having said that I think I will go back! πŸ˜‚ Good luck with your cycle x x x

  • Hi Momma Bear, there is certainly a lot to consider. I have had acupuncture for sports injuries and it was great but think it may be an expense I don't need right now. It is that whole psychological game of what if though πŸ˜”.

    Really hope your 2nd cycle goes well, keep me posted.

    Lots of Love and positive vibes

    Bren xx

  • Hi there, I can only echo what MommaBear said, you will get lots of different views but at the end of the day you need to decide if it's worth the money for you and if it makes you feel better. I had about 6 sessions in total during my first and second Cycle and both failed. I then dropped it because it didn't have any effect. My acupuncturist was very honest and said there was probably no point in my case. But I always felt good afterwards, he was a really nice guy and it was just nice to talk to him about everything. So a bit like a counsellor ;). Good luck for your decision and your next cycle ! X

  • Hi Miri-p,

    I think I feel I have made lots of adjustments already and the reality that it may not help makes me cautious, as we will only have one cycle via the NHS, I need to be sensible with money as may need to finance a second cycle. Hoping it will only take one and praying to anyone who listens but being very realistic.

    I wish you luck with your journey,

    Big hugs

    Bren xx

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