Adoption after 4 rounds of failed fertility treatment...

So my wife and I have had three rounds of IUI and recently failed our first attempt at IVF. I found the whole process to be very very stressful and painful (I don't react to sedation so I was awake and in a considerable amount of pain during egg retrieval).

We always wanted to adopt at some point as we want a big family and know that there are thousands of children in our own country who need loving homes so we have decided to skip the fertility treatment for now and adopt and just see where life takes us!

We are in the process already and hoping to be approved by Summer... wish us luck!! Xx

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  • Best of luck to you both in your journey of adoption, we are just starting out 3rd IVF cycle and can totally understand why you decided to go down the adoption path as I'm starting to sway into looking into that root.

    I hope the journey goes smoothly for you xx

  • Hi BabyD. Oh indeed! I wish you both huge luck with the process, and hope that you achieve success and can start your family at last. Thinking of you. Diane

  • I'm so sorry your treatment hasn't worked out.

    But want to wish you both the best with the adoption process. How exciting! Hope you don't have wait too long


  • Wishing you both the best of luck, we are just about to go through our FET cycle at the end of this month, and can totally understand the draw to adoption.

    IVF is such a stressful time, and our bodies go through so much, and the heartbreak when it doesn't work .... well there are just no words ... I never thought my heart could break like that!.

    Again wishing you all the luck in the world and I hope the processes doesn't take to long, keep us updated xx

  • Wish you good luck, hope you 'll get everything you want. I know what are you talking about cause we passed 4 cycles and that didn't stop us. And now we are happy parents of our child, so it's not a time to give up.. just think about it because you still have a chance o have your own baby, full-blooded, it's just my opinion as a woman wjo really wanted to have a baby

    sorry if I hurt your feeling

    Big hug for your wife

  • We might try again one day but as we are a lesbian couple the child would only be biologically linked to one of us anyway so it doesn't matter to us whether they are biologically linked to us, we will love them just as much xx

  • i see but hope dies last. you both will love your baby i know it as a lovely wife and mother.

    xx luck you all

  • Good luck. Xxxx

  • We failed icsi in the summer and after being told we d need to use donor eggs if any hope of a baby applied for adoption. We start the training in the spring been told we should be approved by Christmas 2017. That's great if you get it by the summer. Sounds very quick? We were told we were lucky to be given go ahead so quickly as normally it's 6 months after ivf. Wishing you all the best xx

  • We haven't spoken to them about the IVF yet, they've approved us to start the adoption training so I don't think it's an issue for them. We are a lesbian couple so always knew we would have to have fertility treatment or adopt to be able to start a family so I think it's a bit different as we aren't shocked by not being able to have our own biological children xx

  • They will want to talk to you about the ivf I would imagine. They go into every aspect of your life and fertility treatment is a big one. That probably won't happen until the home study tho x

  • Best of luck to you both xxx

  • Hi baby D! So good to hear that you are going for adoption. Just wanted to say good luck and wish you all the best. My husband and I have decided to put ivf on hold for a bit because we found it very stressful. Instead we are trying naturally and have a holiday booked :) xxx


    This is a lovely listen if you get the chance.

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