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Quantitative pregnancy blood test done. ✅ Hoping to get to the bottom of my strange period cycle 🤔

Hi how are you all doing. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas!

My period has behaved in the most exasperating manner-I cannot make head or tail of it. I had spotting cd 29-then nothing till cd31-full flow obviously deveasted my 4th round of clomid wasn't successful. Next day thought to myself ok onwards and upwards. Then my period decided to come a complete stand still late morning. So much so that I become confused and questioned whether this was a period - as I could wasn't 100% certain I made the difficult decision not to take the clomid-it was an awful position to be in but there was no choice.

Of course the bleeding started the next day-I lost a small black clot with a small flow-note no enough to wear a pad but heavier than spotting. So deveasted again especially as I hadn't taken the clomid.

It then stopped and turned into red and brown discharge this continued till Tuesday where I experienced some light twinges from my left side that evening-from my waist to my chest for a minute or two.

Yesterday morning I had a tiny amount of brown discharge and a tiny amount of pink discharge-if I hadn't been obsessing I would never have noticed! No bleeding since and the really weird thing is I have had no cramping with this cycle. 😵

My boobs are sore and my nipples are stinging. I have been feeling nauseous since ovulation. Feel bloated like I do before a period. And feel so tired. I normally sleep on my belly-but when I do that my abdomen feels uncomfortable 😣

I had a private beta blood done today as I really am unsure what to think! Should receive my results within a few working days-as its Christmas will be delayed.

I have had 3 other cycles like this-but the cramping gets worse, and on two occasions I have ended up in hospital. I can't help if they were chemical pregnancies-this time I do not run from it-I face this head on.

I know it's not stress causing it-as I'm stressed every month we try so all my cycles should be affected if stress causes that!

It's such a head mash! Hopefully I will get to the bottom of it.

Baby dust to all you lovely people 💕

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