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Dr reluctant to diagnose luteal phase defect, please share your experiences :)


I have been using an amazing fertility coach (privately) who has helped me track my cycles in a huge amount of detail & I've discovered a consistent luteal phase defect. My consultant at the fertility clinic just wants us to have ivf, but we want to try and find a specialist who is interested in diagnosing the cause of the defect and potentially treating it, if we don't do that I'm worried that IVF may be unsuccessful too.

The NHS are not receptive to this idea and we would welcomes any thoughts from others on here on who to approach if you want further investigations? I've tried my GP but he said he's not able to as he's not a specialist.


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Sorry I can't really help but have you posted on fertilityfriends.co.uk

It's a really good forum and has discussions on most topics.

Good luck


lps11 in reply to jhza700

Thanks I will post on there too

If you find out then please let me know as I've tried the GPs', gyne, IVF consultants and recurrent miscarriage consultants....none of them are interested and it could be a simple thing that could help a natural conception after all!!

lps11 in reply to Hollibob

I will do @hollibob. The below article is really interesting read if you are suffering with the same problem, it's from the fertility coach we've been using. It's just a shame she's not able to prescribe as she's the most helpful person we've dealt with in two years!


Hollibob in reply to lps11

It really is frustrating that no one wants to listen or do anything about it.

I have read something similar on a different website, but I'm still convinced that I match what they specify.

I started seeing a lady who does reiki and she's trying to lengthen my cycles, so maybe she will be the one to help me!!

So annoying that only you have to self diagnose but that no one will listen. Doctors seem to be adamant we all ovulate day 14 which from charting (which I'm guessing is what you have been doing) can clearly show an different day. Would you mind sharing who and where you go? I would love to talk to someone that you have described has helped so far.

Have a read up on Vitex vitamin and Vit C to see if this add on to your diet may help. I would also seek out an acupuncturist who specialise in fertility. I know one in Harlow if you are within driving distance.

Good luck xx

Katybetter in reply to Mrsjj

I'm close to Harlow. Could you send me the details please? Thank you

Mrsjj in reply to Katybetter

Sure. Google or Facebook search Nicola Court acupuncture in Harlow. She will looking at your body temp charts and doctors records etc plus treat and balance your body. She is really lovely and very educated on fertility xx

lps11 in reply to Mrsjj

Thanks Mrsjj- I use myfertilityfocus.com, she is based in New Zealand but does consultations via Skype. I would highly recommend, her advice has been great.

In regards to vits I'm taking a number of different supplements as per advice from the above person & clinic studies and I've used a zita west accupunturist.

Mrsjj in reply to lps11

Ok thank you. Zita West describes herself as one of the best. Sorry you are still searching for help. Such a mine field seeking advise and someone who looks at all the facts and listens.


When I first started TTC & had tests / charting etc I found this was my problem very short cycles.

I was convinced I had luteal phase defect . But I have been to several consultants and now I know there is no such thing at all.

If you have a strong ovulation or a 'good' egg then it will make a good corpus luteam that will produce lots of progesterone & lengthen your cycle. So it's all about the egg quality. I have low AMH , poor quality eggs hence short cycles . You can try increasing the quality of your eggs through diet and supplements. There is a book called 'all about the egg' and also use progesterone to support in the luteal phase .

Hope this helps x

lps11 in reply to tahnee

Thanks @tahnee I've read that book and found it very informative & have tried to adopt some of their advice.

I strongly disagree with your statement about being no such thing as a short luteal phase, there is huge amounts of clinic evidence that this exists and the impact on fertility. Your AMH is about egg reserve, not quality.

I agree that Egg quality can impact your luteal phase, but so can a number of other things. I'm currently on progesterone pessaries- but these are like sticking a plaster over an infected wound. It might stop the bleeding but it won't fix the problem. I need to understand the cause of the LPD to treat it, otherwise progesterone is unlikely to help (and research shows this).

tahnee in reply to lps11

Hi yes sorry I don't mean you that it doesn't exist....I certainly have a short luteal phase . I just meant from what I can gather from all the gynaecologists/ ivf doctors I've been too ....and that's a lot they all say the defect is due to poor ovulation , egg and corpus luteam . I'm no expert just passing on info they gave me . X

tahnee in reply to tahnee

Oh also a friend uses vitamin b & vitex to help and says it definitely lengthened her cycle x

lps11 in reply to tahnee

Thanks@ tahnee I'll look into vitex as not come across that

I am no expert at any of this but this is something that always worried me as i have a very short cycle and thought this might be why. My clinic dont seem overly concerned with this but I wonder is it because they give you progesterone after egg transfer to help implantation and I believe that lengthens the phase? Have I got this all wrong?

lps11 in reply to 72cloud9

72@cloud9- is your cycle short or your luteal phase?

They do give you progesterone to lengthen cycle as part of ivf (I'm having it now too as part of trying to conceive naturally) but too soon a drop in your natural progesterone can indicate something is wrong with the corpus luteum or follicle, my concern is given me progesterone is a false fix & not actually the fixing the root cause, without fixing the root cause this might make ivf less successful. If that makes sense :)

The article I've mentioned above is a very good read if you want to understand more about luteal phase, it's amazing the amount of stuff I've learnt about my body since struggling to conceive!

72cloud9 in reply to lps11

Ah thank you lps11, I better read the article. I really thought a short cycle meant my luteal phase was short so I understood it amounted to the same thing. My cycles are anything between 22-24 days but more often 22 and im ovulating around day 16-18. The clinic havent really spoken to me much about that but I will mention it when we restart in january as at my age im lucky to have one good frozen embryo waiting for me! I dont want to waste it!!! I will read up to try and understand better x

I totally agree. I ovulate on day 20 ish and get my period on day 27/28. I asked my GP and she was vague and gave me no advice. Just said ' yeh that's short'. The more I look it up the more I think I might have a luteal phase defect, but theres no advicceeee!!!

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