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I need some advise please


Hello ladies, is it possible to get help with nhs while one is doing self ivf treatment as i am planning to do my ivf abroad? Or where can i go for help? Thanks xx

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Aw i think it is a bit complicated as you will be following othee dr's prescriptions and they can conflict with the dr at your local one. But why do you ask?

Do you have some health issues that need ti be treated? If sk why dont you tale care of that and after go for the ivf abroad..?

sherl08 in reply to bethany2

Am asking because i will do the self treatment while here and go abroad just for the ET. Just incase of anything.

Can someone please share with me about the self treatment?

Hiya. NHS doesnt fund ivf in our area so I don't have any idea about that side. But with the private ivf I got referred by the gynaecologist when I proved to be the worst case of PCOS of a woman my age and immune to clomifene. From then on any pregnancy things go through that private clinic and NHS only helps you with other health issues, they won't help you with any pregnancy issues. At least not here they don't. If you have other health issues they will help you though. I had some kidney problems and had treatment for that on NHS while on my bleed month. Some treatments may clash with your IVF medication though so make sure to check things. Wish you luck! X

sherl08 in reply to KittyK

I dint even knw that NHS does not fund ivf in my area. I am going private for some reasons. I was discharged from newcross hosp and they said i apply for ivf through my gp. This is news to me. I do not hav any health issues just the infertility issue. It was just a thought incase of anything....

Thanks for your reply. x

Do talk to your GP. They can sometimes help with some of the initial blood tests if they are sensitive to your situation (ie they know you have fertility issues). It's a lot better to keep them informed of what you're doing too. The NHS will treat you if you have problems once transferred. My clinic queried a possible ectopic and even though the NHS didn't have the clinic notes they took me in to the early pregnancy unit. Do talk to your GP please! You may also want to ask if your clinic has a satellite clinic in England and my private fertility clinic also has a service where they'll scan you etc for a clinic abroad. Maybe call up a good local fertility clinic to you and see what they can offer you?

sherl08 in reply to skatty

Thank you xx

I think you have to have all the treatment in a cycle at your local hospital. We did, anyway. Xx

Ohhh I see what you mean now. Yes your GP should be able to do tests and if you have any other unusual symptoms eg spotting a gynaecologist referral could help/rule out things too. They should also do some investigations on the NHS anyway (eg laparoscopy). I'm private now (3 failed cycles) and going to push for more tests which I'm hoping will be on the NHS.

sherl08 in reply to KT84

Thank you for this info. I will check with my gp about the whole issue so as to be sure and on safe. I wish you luck in your trial. God bless you

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