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Here I go again! Bring it on round 5 of clomid. 👊🏻

Hi ladies.

Thank you everyone for the kind support you have given me. You all keepe going.

i am feeling a bit better than yesterday.

I have a dreadful cold and sinusitis which I get frequently. Despite my healthy lifestyle my immune system is appalling. I am thinking of buying a vitamin tonic which builds up your immune system to fight infections away. On the off chance does anyone happen to know if it is ok to take a Tonic whilst ttc on clomid? I will ask the pharmacist and hope he or she knows.. I can't help but think if I keep getting coughs and colds if my body would be able to allow a pregnancy to develop whilst fighting an infection?

I have a plan b if my next 2 founds of clomid fail- this is making me feel more in control and know there are other options available-and should the clomid fail knowing this isn't the end.

I have an appointment with our consultant in march -which isn't too far away in the future to discuss options. I am going to grill him 😂 I will take a list of questions and one of those is what treatment would he recommend us if we were private patients.

If it comes to IVF my mum has offered to help us pay-I doubt we will get funding as I have a 18 year old son from a previous relationship.

I know I am lucky to have him and I must seem ungrateful but it doesn't stop the hurt or want of having a family with my husband.

I hope there are other options we can explore first. Even if it means paying.

Baby dust to you all


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I am happier now to see you are a little less distressed.. I worry for people when we have melt downs as it's really not a nice feeling feeling stuck and trapped..

Lots of love Jess 💕


Hi Jess

Glad that you are feeling better today. It can be so difficult sometimes. but keep those positive thoughts going and concentrating on the plan b, just invade the cycles of clomid don't work. I always had to have a plan b just to remain sane!

I so hope this cycle works and that 2017 is your year!

Lots of love

Merry Christmas





Glad you're feeling more positive jess. Good luck xx


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