New surromommy is needed!

Hi everybody! I'm 35 and I have MRKH thus to have a baby I found a clinic which provided me with surrogacy program. My boy is 2 yo now and my hubby and I want him to have a sibling. The thing is that we are not quite satisfied with our previous clinic. Everything there was imperfect from the very beginning. For example, we had our first appointment with a doctor postponed but we were told about when we were near that particular clinic so we were waiting for 3 hours. Then they didn't accept our test results, although the were fresh so we were to anew them, it's nonsense. Actually we were treated like we tried to get a kid for free, in fact we payd around $40k and of course we expected to have nicer med stuff. Total sum, with hotels, food, tickets and transport was around $55k. While being there, btw it was Moscow, it was hard to even have a walk as it seems like there are billions of people over there, we lost in their subway and decided to take a taxi but huge traffic jams made us regret it. You know, I'd like to have my second baby in a better way even if it could be a bit more expensive. Maybe you have ideas where to find a better clinic?

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  • I have one, reading about your experience in Moscow, it seems to me like you are open for different fertility options. because I am co-operating with the fertility clinic within the surrogacy program. I am not waiting for surrogate mother to be matched plus they have already found us a donor which we chose from the database on their website. I am sorry to hear about your awful experience in russia... i would never want to be treated poorly, because how can someone be rude to a woman who has been diagnosed with such a horrific thing. my clinic provided us with the hotel room and the car with the driver, they have met us at the airport (btw how was it for you?) and took to the hotel where we stayed just for a day. nothing too luxurious but it is all for free, we were able to phone our manager because they gave us ukrainian simcards which was great!

    i hope you find another clinic that suits you better! xx

  • Hello bethany2, you are right, i'm quite open for any tx which quarantees that I would be satisfied with everything. I know nothing is perfect but i need at least something more likely to be so.

    The things you describe sound like a fantastic movie after my own exp lool. Are you sure you are not daydreaming haha? Where is this clinic, i mean in what city? Kiev, isn't it?

  • Thank you bethany2! Your words are of a great help. I heard about that clinic few days ago but didn't visit its website. It's near, quite easy to get there from my country.

    So, you were there and was it surro or ivf?

  • it's surrogate motherhood program, on donor's eggs.

    and i have recently got the reply from my manager, she told us that we have been finally matched with the surrogate mother and she is preparing for the stimulation and the embryo transfer that will come right after it.

    really? i have heard that russian clinics are not that great... and ukrainian ones are the fine and better in a lot of terms.

  • Wow, wonderful news! but how long have you been waiting for this match? I looked through their contracts and i definitely stunned by the terms. It seems to me they have too attractive conditions. That's weird and I expect it's not that simple. Do you trust them? totally?

  • Hello sweetie. an awful thing your disease is, sorry about it and about your half-negative experience in a Russian clinic. I had my resultless ivf tx in the Czech Republic and the attitude of medical personnel was a bit different but not much. But my last clinic paid more attention to its clients, trying to make their visit very comfortable, you know room, food, car and so on. A clinic is tiny and doctors and nurses are always busy well but you feel the're interested in you, not that they threat you like a boss but you won't feel broken. You' ll have you managers who are ready to help you with every detail you missed. suh conditions are better, right? haha

    Although I didn't have to apply for surrogacy, I know they have good all-inclusive programs. If it's helpful, you can reply here or pm me to find out more. Luck to you xx

  • hi mannamay! thank you it'sa pity you failed with your czech att. i dunno how it's possible to hire such rude indiferent people to work with sick people who need permanent support. But the bright side of all that tx is that i can't hardly imagine a clinic with worse attitude and services. Your description is also fab...where is it?

  • Hello Lizzardina! I'm sorry you've faced that awful mrkh thing. But well done for you not to give up and choose another way to become a mother. happy you gave your little boy now but your experience in that clinic scared me. If I were you i would have been depressed after such treatment, really..i have a child of my own because of a surrogate mother and i can remember myself being extremely nervous or even anxious about this but everything was fine, drs were nice. i'm surprised by people in your clinic, how can they work in this field and be so rough? Such attitude is unacceptable!

    I was satisfied with my clinic, although it's not perfect of course. but after your words i understand it's much more better than I thought haha. I also decided to have the second child and now waiting for my clinic to match a surrogate mother for me. I see I'm not the only one here from the clinic. bethany2 told you some details but if you have any more questions please ask.

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