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Period after miscarrying at 5 weeks? Big bleed now 5 weeks later spotted one day now nothing? Confused


Hi girls

I'm looking for anyone who has miscarried😥

I found out I was pregnant naturally 2 days before ec ( shocked, elated ...) but the following week hcg dropped and we miscarried.

When the hcg got to 0 I had a 6 day heavy bleed and was told to wait till my next period before trying as still has 20 uncollected eggs inside.

It's been 5 weeks and yesterday I was spotting, just enough for a panty liner. Today, nothing.... What's happening?

Any advice really welcome💞

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Hello. Firstly I'm so sorry to hear this. Ivf is hard enough without mc, and to get a natural miracle between all that as well. I am slightly different as had to have surgical management for both my mmc. First AF after was pathetic as there was barely any bleeding and took about 3 months to get back to normal. Just waiting for AF after second mmc but expect the same. As I said it is different type of mc, but I think basically there is no normal after a mc. Big hugs. Xx

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It's not easy is it? We got told to wait till af to try again. At risk as have 20 eggs left inside so risk multiples😱

Is it af or not .... I have no clue😠.

Big hugs and lots of luck

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