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Hi everyone,i'm lolly-pop_23, a new member of this group

,I've been trying to conceive for the past five years now, went for series of investigations and was adviced to go for IVF which i obliged.Had 2 IVFs failed now,Pls what could be the reasons for the failure as i never bled before the 2wks bed rest was over on the two seperate occassions until I was asked to stop the medications.Pls help me out

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Sorry to hear about what you've been through. Have you had any investigations done or been teste for NK cells? (Natural Killer cells)x

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Thanks for ur help i wanted to ask if i start taking the clomid tonight and ring up on moday for a follicle scan will they give me a scan or say no theres no appments so i have to wait untell next month and then there will be no point in taking the clomid now awww im just in an akward place


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