FET and shipping

Hi everybody!

i’m sure you know everything about ivf treatment and i’d like to share my story to have your advice. i’ve already had few ivf cycles during the last 5 years. my dh had some problems with his sperm after the first failed ivf, but for the second attempt we had 28 eggs retrieved, 23 mature, 18 fertilized with ICSI, 5 were dead on day 5 and 3 transferred…tadaaah we have got bfp and Albert is 4 now. 9 of our embryos were of a great quality so we decided to frozen them just in case…now we want to have one more kid. It must be possible to have a successful FET with the embryos I used before, right? I didn’t talk to my doctor, though I’m going to. who had BFP on their own embryos after they were frozen? did you do this procedure in your country or abroad dealing with emby shipping?


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