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Can I have lemsip before frozen embryo transfer?


So it happened, I've got a bad cold from someone at work :( mucus cough/feverish cold. I have to take aspirin in the morning for my blood (part of the cycle) and my FET isn't until Friday. Can I gave a lemsip tonight and tomorrow? I know you can't when you're actually pregnant but since I won't have them back inside for a few days am I ok to take lemsip? And am I right in saying they won't interfere with my aspirin because it's paracetamol which is completely different? My clinic is closed til tomorrow at nine :( I feel so crap after last night's poor sleep from being hot/cold and mucusy I just want to be able to sleep better tonight and get through my day at work tomorrow but not of it'll affect anything :(

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My clinic said paracetamol or paracetemol based products are fine before and after ET. Make sure that any cold meds don't contain caffeine as that's best avoided especially after ET.

Hope you soon feel better.

KittyK in reply to pm27

Thank you. I know you can't have lemsip when pregnant as the decongestant is not good for little bean but I've still got til Friday til I have to be brave lol thank you :)

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to KittyK

Hi KittyK. You can have paracetamol and some hot lemon, it is just as effective. Try diluting your soluble aspirin in some hot lemon instead of just water. You can use menthol crystals as a decongestant if you want, but keep away from things like Olbas Oil and Vick. Hope you soon feel better. Diane

KittyK in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane! I'll get some lemon on the way home tonight :) I didn't even realise you could dilute it in lemon water that makes so much sense. Thank you. Trying to get healthy for Friday X3

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to KittyK

Hi KittyK. My pleasure! Yes, you can dilute soluble aspirin in most liquids. So many people with nasty colds at the moment and the weather's not helping! Be thinking of you on Friday. Diane

Hope u r feeling a bit better today xx

KittyK in reply to 72cloud9

Thank you. Sort of. I've been up all night coughing (mucus. Urgh!) And I've lost my voice today but the feverishness seems to have gone so I think that's a sign :) just hope I'm better by FET on Friday >___<

72cloud9 in reply to KittyK

Ah fingers crossed, u got a few days to recover-I would take a few days off work if u can & just cozy up & rest! Xxx

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