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Ovarian drilling experiences????

Hi everyone, this is my first post I'm wondering if anyone has been through ovarian drilling and how they found it after surgery? I suffer from endometriosis and pcos and have just had my 5th laproscopy and they performed ovarian drilling too as a next step after 7 failed cycles of clomid and as a before option for ivf. I've been really really struggling with the hormones afterwards feel like I'm on a roller-coaster crying then depressed and really low. How long does it take to settle down had the operation 5 weeks ago xxxx

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Hi it took me a while but my surgery was a bit more complex cos they found I had a big multicystic mass which had dragged my left side of my pelvis to my right side so it was all a bit of a mess and I also had a HSG done while I was under as well! I had my first period about 6 weeks after the op and they have been pretty regular ever since (op was last Nov). Started having cycles where the lengths only varied by up to 10 days which was brilliant for me cos I got to the point in the last couple of years where I was going about 5 months with no periods and my last period lasted over a 100 days (which prompted me to seek private care and was was finally diagnosed with PCOS) and the last couple of months I've actually had consecutive 28 day cycles (although this was after taking norethisterone to prevent a period while on holiday which I've heard is good for regulating cycles so not sure if it was to do with that or just a coincidence)!!! Not had a single 28 day cycle since I came off the pill over 6 years ago before that. With regards to the hormones, yes I felt like that too after my op but feel much more balanced and at peace with myself now on the whole than I have in years and years as my hormones seem to have settled down a bit after all thoses years of undiagnosed and unmanaged PCOS. I hope you start to feel better soon and it works for you xx

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