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Trigger shot done! πŸ’‰

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Well ladies my husband gave me my trigger shot today at 8.30! Egg collection has been booked in for Friday at 8am. I don't know where these weeks have gone but I hope and pray this was my last injection! Iv been doing injections for 41 days now! Praying and hoping that all us ladies get some good news soon xxxxx

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Fingers crossed for you! Keep resting after i don't know about you but i was super sleepy xx

Thank you so much! I am going to rest :) iv booked off two weeks off work. It's crazy how all this year iv been waiting or ivf and now I'm right towards the end of it. Next step is egg collection then hoping I have eggs and they fertlise. Every step is still a hurdle. Xxx

I know there are so many steps its just one hurdle at a time! The 2ww is hard and im only 2dp3dt! Xx

Awww good luck for the two week wait hun! Iv hate two failed IUIs and the waiting was awful. But this time iv booked time off work and I'm going to be out and about and seeing family and friends so hoping the time goes quick lol. Wishing you the best xx

Well done nd987 lovely hearing your progress. πŸ’• All the very best with the egg collection-I hope they find many eggs which turn into beautiful embryos-you deserve this so much x

NDE1987 in reply to jess1981

Thanks so much Jess. I can't believe it's gone quick. There have been so many downs during this process but you ladies on here have been so supportive. Let's see how many they retrieve and hope they fertlise! hope you are getting on well with your medication. I will keep you posted xxx

Good luck Hun for Friday xxx

NDE1987 in reply to allieb21

Thanks Allieb21! Hope your two week wait is going ok xxxx

Thats great news...wish you good luck ....

NDE1987 in reply to lovewinspain

Thank you :) hope your ok hun! Xx

lovewinspain in reply to NDE1987

I m good dear...Tuesday blood test showed my hcg ws 6230.. I pray to god, they retrieve more eggs, get fertilized al n u also get ur bfp soon....

NDE1987 in reply to lovewinspain

Awww that's amazing!!! I bet you can't wait for your scan :) so happy for you xxx you got your rainbow baby xx

lovewinspain in reply to NDE1987

Thank you...I m eagerly waiting to see my little fighter/fighters...

I have everything crossed for you! Please let me know what the egg collection is like.


I will let you know Charlotte! I asked the nurse today and explained that I was nervous but she said that it will put your into a deep sleep or you I'll feel drowsy. She did say that I can use gas and air if I feel like it's not working lol. She said it should take 15 to 20 minutes and but will be in recovery for about 3 hours. Will let you know how it goes xxx

How exciting! wishing you lots of luck for Friday!!! 🍳🍳🍳🍳

Good luck for ec x

Wishing you all the best my love x

Wishing you all the best.... hopefully we'll be going egg colection next week...

All the best for your egg collection - very exciting!

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