So my wife had gone for her second scan today whilst taking the stimulation injections ( we've been doing them for 3 days now). Scan revealed she has 14 follicles but their quite small ATM. Consultant suggested another scan on Friday and depending on a blood test she gave this morning. They will call the wife to advise on dosage of injections and possibly start the morning one on Friday.

I'm assuming 14 is good right? Thanks as always

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  • 14 s a good number..when I had gone for the first scan after stimulation, I had 4-5 follicles on each side n they were small...but in the second scan they had been bigger but the numbers of follicles were almost same..on the egg collection day, they got 15 eggs...so your wife's number of follicles are good n no need to worry...Good luck...

  • Thank you kindly... I guess we should take each step at a time but it's great knowing that's a good number

  • Yes I would say this is a good number! Im not sure if your wife is using a hot water bottle but this can help things grow! Good luck!

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