Just had call from the clinic and 4 out of seven have fertilised with one of them coming out of the shell? Whatever that means but she said she has seen them carry on so it's not been discounted yet. I'm booked in for thurs but she reckons we could reach a blasto and go in sat instead.

I can't even explain and happy and relieved I am that they even fertilised 😊 X

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  • That's such good news hun!! I am praying I have eggs collected and they fertlise to!! Xx

  • I'm sure you will but it's still such a worry! Fingers crossed for you xx

  • That's great news!! Fingers crossed they keep developing well πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ x

  • I know its hart do wait buy you gotta be patient, you dont need stress right now. I really hope you get BFP and will have tiny babies running around house happily. So nice you dont have to deal with infertility problems, it's so crushingly depressing. Fingers crossed for you girl!xx

  • Hi Hydromermaid-1. Good news! looks like your little embies mean business! Hope all goes well with transfer. Diane

  • Thank you! This wait is hard enough I can't imagine what the 2ww will be like!

  • Hi. Poor poppit! You'll be fine - just think of this as a practice run for the 2WW! Put your feet up and watch some rubbish on the TV! Diane

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