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Rate of fertilisation

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Morning possums!

So the hospital rang... they collected 10 eggs and 8 got fertilised! Unfortunately 2 were abnormal so we have 6 embryos to work with - does that sound about the right fertilisation rate?

They said we should hopefully be looking at mon or wed for transfer if all goes well overnight...

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Hey Hun that's really good!

Out of our 6, 4 were mature and 3 fertilised so booked in for Monday!

All we want is one very good and strong egg but to have some to freeze be great too x

That's such good news! Im so glad your eggs fertilised - at least come monday they'll be on board and you can start looking after them... it feels really odd to know that there are our potential little people in a dish miles away from me! Xx

Yea be amazing if all 3 are good so can freeze some BUT as long as I've one good amazing one!!!

lol it's mad isn't it that they doing their thing right now!

I think as we had only a few we weren't going to blastocyst x

They grow better inside anyway... are you having 2 back in or 1? My doctors basically said as it was my first cycle and im only 31 they arent allowed to put more than one in x

One, I'm 33 and NHS only allows one if under 39 but will pay for first year of frozen.

Started crinone (progesterone) cream last night. Have you got that?

Yeah ive got the cream but don't start it until tomorrow. Im not sure what it'll be like...

Weird I had to start mine eve of egg collection! They all say diff eh.

Been ok so far. Went for a walk yesterday after which helped but raining here now x

Sounds good to me. I had 19 collected, 18 mature. 10 fertilised and all made it to day 3. By day 5 think we had 8. A few still developing well and a few slower. They transferred best on day 5 and took the rest to day 6 when 4 were frozen xxx

Thanks so much! You did so well and you still have your frosties - just a matter of finding the right one to stick xx

Sounds good to me. I had 20 follicles, 8 eggs, 4 fertilised and one made it to blastocyst. The one little frostie got me pregnant, it just didn't stick around.

Good luck.


I had 13 collected , 4 fertilised and 2 made to day 3 . Both put in but unlucky didn't get pregnant. Starting again next year. Lots of luck to you x

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