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Update of prescription request 🙄

Hi ladies.

How are you all?

I phoned the Drs surgery- god I really hate calling these people-they are always so nosy and I know they've been trained to do that 🙄

I put it off all week-yesterday I called after work. I explained I needed to order a prescription and it wasn't one I could order using the online system they have.

So of course she asked me what it was ( I expected this which is why I didn't want to phone), I said I need to order more clomid.

I really didn't want to answer what drug it was. Afterwards she seemed baffled what clomid was-I was amazed -I thought most people knew what clomid was even those without fertility issues. How fortunately for her not to have been in that position😡

I then said the hospital had originally issued the prescription but had given authorisation for my GP to issue a further 3 months.

She then asked me whether it was cream,pesseary or tablet! Several times I wanted to put the phone down😞

In the end it was agreed the dr would issue the prescription and if there were any problems with that they would be in touch. Such a ordele but felt relieved it was over..

So I thought till I went online to order some more ferrous sulphate and looked at my medication- the idiots have spelt clomifene incorrectly-they spelt it clomipramine-which I googled and it is an anti depressant😡 I will have to battle forward on Monday to explain their error.

I wish the hospital just issued me 6 months worth and saved me all this hassle.

At least my period isn't due for another 9 days-so I do have time to resolve it.

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What idiots they are!! Surely they have had a letter from the hospital??

Maybe see if you can get a telephone appointment with the dr to discuss it directly or the hospital can send a fax to your GP?

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Thanks hollibob-that's what my hubby said go straight to the source! Yes they did have a copy of the letter! Incredible 😳 At least I have the time to sort this out 👍🏻

How are things your end? X


Ok thanks lovely. Nothing much going on at the mo x


Hi jess1981. Oh dear you could have done without all of that nonsense! Still, you got there in the end. Unfortunately, hospitals are not allowed to order the full course, because they're hoping you won't need it, then it would be a waste of their funds! Even if you returned any leftovers it has to be destroyed. You were fortunate to get 3 months worth. Never, mind, moaning over with, let's hope this next lot works for you, you deserve it. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks Diane for the kind words -makes sense why hospitals would do that- I phoned again this morning and fingers crossed they'll change the prescription-I have got plenty of time to get the clomid-period isn't due for a week. I was just playing devils advocate! I may not need not them will see x


Hi jess1981. Let's hope not! Diane


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