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Fertility Friend

Although I know it's probably impossible after coming up to two years of ttc, this month we still tried (after last months bfn from the ivf). We figured we have nothing to lose. So I went back to charting, temping and opks. On cd16 I had a blazing positive opk. Other signs like CM and ovulation pains tied in nicely. But my temperatures have hardly risen and I have no crosshairs on my chart to show ovulation, not even possible ovulation with dotted lines. Analysis says I possibly ovulated on cd17. I have NEVER had an Anovulatory cycle. Could last months ivf treatment be interfering with this months cycle?

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  • Anyone?

  • I stopped temping as it stressed me out. From what I read up so many things can affect the readings! If the temp in the room changed, if u got up for a wee a few hours b4 waking and I don't know but I would imagine the meds etc from previous IVF still in your system can probably have an affect. Still try as u never no but maybe next month get a day 21 blood test just to confirm u r ovulating.last year I did this about 4 months in s row just to be sure xxx

  • If I did need a blood test would I just see my GP? Yes that's the only thing I think it could be, this is the first cycle after ivf so I guess it's messed things up a bit x

  • yes i did it thru the gp

    should be day 21 but i would insist u want it done a few months on the trot x

  • I haven't temped since I started ivf but my cycle post failed icsi has shown signs it isn't normal with some mid cycle bleeding. I would think it takes a bit of time for your hormones to balance out again. Xx

  • That's what I suspected. I was just hoping someone could confirm it x

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