I have a few questions about FET and no. of embryos at transfer

I'd rather ask the ladies on here as I feel going through treatment makes some of us more of an expert than the experts 😊

I went for my implantation failure bloods this morning. Results in six weeks. I'm looking at doing a FET in December/January which could be either a 'natural ' or medicated cycle of treatment..

On my fresh cycle I had one blastocyst transferred but I'm allowed to have two blastocysts put back at transfer next time though they told us that statistically the chances of implantation are no higher with more than one embryo. Is this true?? Should we opt for two or is is not worth it? Do you have any success stories from having more than one transferred? I have at least six weeks to make my decision..

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  • We were lucky that it worked first time with only one embryo, but have you seen the stats from your clinic? We were shown ours at the time of deciding and there was about a 65% chance of pregnancy from one embryo implanted, but the chance of pregnancy was 17% higher when two were implanted. That was their yearly stats from about 500 patients, so statistically for my clinic at least there is a much higher chance of success with 2.

    We agreed that if it hadn't worked first time, we'd try two on the second go. They should be able to provide you with all that info at your clinic.

  • That's interesting thank you. The overall success rates for our clinic are high across all age groups but I've not seen any stats for comparison with one or two embryos at transfer. We had a 65% chance of success with our fresh cycle but obviously still got a BFN. 17% is higher than I thought..

  • I only had one transferred with my fresh cycle and like you unfortunately it failed. We were given the choice too for out FET and decided to go with two. We didn't study statistics and things I'm afraid, we were just so desperate to give it the best possible chance of working. We had two transferred and got our bfp! When we went for our scan at 7 weeks we did wonder if it would be twins but there was only one baby. I hadn't bled or anything so she said the other one just got absorbed back into my body.

    For us taking the chance of putting two back worked but it does come with higher risks. Good luck with whatever you decide xx

  • Thank you! I think we're quite lucky because we have 4 good blastocysts in the freezer, just don't know what to do for the best x

  • Are you having to pay for the frozen transfers?

    And do you get another free cycle if none of the frozen transfers work?

  • Yes. We got our first and fresh cycle on the NHS. Now we are paying 😞 Today's tests alone cost Β£850 πŸ˜•

  • I think (if my maths is right and it may well not be) there is a very slightly higher chance of success overall if you were to have 4 individual FETs with one embryo each time, than two transfers using 2 embryos each time. This is just based on the stats from my clinic though.

    However, only having to go through it a maximum of two times would obviously be a lot lot cheaper for you and based on that I'd probably go for them putting 2 back.

  • Good point thank you.

  • hi, in my first cycle, i had only one 2dt and it worked but i had chemical miscarriage...now i dont knw it is natural fet or medicated one, after the miscarriage i had to wait for my normal period that came after 34 days(normally i get around 27-28 days) and i used medicine from that day..after 12 days of medicine, they had transferred two embroyes ...one didn't degrade its quality but another one degraded and became 2 from the 4 cells..and now i m in two week wait..i dont knw , they hv worked or not but wishing them to implant...i lov to hav twins.....i m from norway n my clinic always decide themselves...like one or two...they said in fresh cycle they transfer one to me bcz i m 31 n in fet they do 2......good luck for u.....

  • I didn't get any choice with my first cycle either. Good luck to you in the tww πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • i understand how we al r dying for our happiness n we dont knw whn we get it....just want to say dont give up...one day we may get our happiness but we hv go through lots of difficulties.....

  • Thank you

  • Are you able to get the stats from your clinic about success rates with 1 or 2 embies transferred to help with your decision? We had 2 5 day embies transferred on our 1st round due to my age (42) but unfortunately neither implanted. This would suggest though that there must be a higher chance of implantation with 2 versus 1 for them to take this action. There are higher risks in pregnancy with multiple births which is why they don't advise younger ladies or those in the early goes of trying to transfer more than one. Depends on your situation though. We're about to do our 2nd and final round of IVF so as long as we get that far I'll hopefully have 2 transferred again. Best wishes for your journey πŸ€ x

  • Aw thank you, you too. I'm definitely not a younger lady, I'll be 37 in April πŸ˜• I will ask about statistics with the clinic but it's the clinic that have told us that it makes little difference. But I ask myself the same thing, why transfer more than one if the success rate is the same? πŸ€” Baffling x

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