Starting ovulation stimulation soon

Today is obviously not a common day. at least for me. we've been waiting for two months for our clinic to match us with surrogate and thus for trigger shot in our surrogacy program. It's own eggs surrogacy, we went internationally - Ukraine. our surrogate also will be Ukrainian. so they told me to make ultrasound today to make sure I'm ready for stimulation. First step - injection of Dipherelin 3,75. i'm now waiting for their feedback with further instruction and the day for dipherelin. as far as I understood, it will down regulate my period. the same they will do to surrogate in order to synchronize our periods. am i overwhelmed? yes. am I scared? yes. I've never faced reproductive medicine so closely. everything is new for me. maybe there's someone here at the same stage as we are. Let's keep in touch. together we're stronger. and some fertility dust is also welcomed.

and happy halloween everyone!

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  • get my fertility dust, Rasteny! I know how exhausting infertility treatment journey may be. but finally we know that our reward are priceless. my babyboys keep me busy all the time. when i look at them, i know that all those efforts weren't for nothing. I never thought I still have a chance for mothering at my age.

    don't be afraid of stimulation. Dipherelin 3.75 is a common dose. I'm sure you'll feel well after it. what stimulation do they prescribe? have you got your protocol already? or they will prescribe it after getting your ultrasound? was everything ok with it, btw?

    happy (scary) halloween to you, too! Boo!

  • thanks for your fertility dust! thats just what you need, along with proficiency of doctors I rely my future destiny to.

    well, yes, they gave me the protocol and all the medications when we travelled to Kiev for the first time. however, the doctor may still correct the protocol after getting my ultrasound. I hope she won't. in any case, they told that they cover all expenses for medications, even extra ones. Apart Dipherelin, I have Merional on my list. How safe it is? Have you used it?

  • I used one of the analogues of Merional and it was good for me. i felt no side effects and the result of egg puncture were good. i did it within IVF and my problem was in unexplained implantation failure unfortunately.

    I hope everything will be fine with your stimulation. don't worry if they will add any meds. that's ok, especially if they cover all expenses. they know what they are doing. did they let you know anything about your GC?

  • Hi Rasteny. Both the drugs you mention are favoured in the Ukraine and are perfectly acceptable. Just wanted to wish you well with all of this, and of course for success. Never easy to undertake, but the surrogates I have got to know over the years, have all been amazing women. Thinking of you - and your surrogate. Diane

  • thanks for your comments. I got a reply from them. my doctor studies my ultrasound and told to make Dipherelin injection tomorrow. I'm so excited. My MIL will do all injections cause she's a nurse. I'm afraid all these things so I hope she will do it gently. I have a lot of injections after all. as to dipherelin, i've read on forums that it might induce some side effects like headache, dizziness and cramps. but i hope it won't affect me. so, tomorrow is my trigger shot! keep your fingers crossed for me - the best is yet to come

  • It's really fortunate that you got you someone who will be helping you to take your medicine. I was in biotex clinic in Ukraine too and I will have to do all of the injections by myself. Don't have any helping hand even my hubby can't do that. He says he's afraid..yeah BTW I am on surrogacy treatment too.

    but... my protocol doesn't state any of dipherelin, there is nothing like that I was told to start injections (after they match the surro) on the 3 rd day of the cycle..

  • coockou, nice to meet you! i've already did the injection this morning (not me actually, but my MIL - she is super cool in this, I almost felt nothing). doing injcetions to myself - hm, even this thought frightens me. I'm really bad in all those medical things. the ultimate thing I can treat is a scratch, I guess.

    it's fancy that we're both doing surrogacy in biotex at the same time. what's stage of your process are you at? have you already been matched? what do they tell you about her? we still don't know any single detail about our future surrogate

  • as to the stimulation drugs, I guess every protocol is very individual and different drugs can be used. It obviously depends on your health state, age, previous attempts/babies/deliveries/miscarriages. I don’t know. I just do what my doctor told me. Our doctor’s name in biotexcom is Elena and they say that she is one of the leading specialists there. And whose your doctor?

  • our doctor's name in biotexcom was Elena. I don't know if this is the same with yours. I don't know how many doctors are working there now. if you're with the same Elena, she is strict and thorough, but very confident and professional. we got pregnant from the second attempt, though. i hope that for you it works from the first one xx

  • fancy, it's Elena as well. our manager told us that she works there for many years already so obviously that's the same doctor you had. why your first attempt didn't work? how long did you wait for a new attempt? the same surrogate or different? were there any extra charges for a new attempt to commence?

  • just wanted to drop a line and wish you good luck! hope to hear about your positive soon xx

  • Thank YOU! I will need all your positive vibes so soon. Eggs retrieval is scheduled for November 29, if nothing changes. I hope I will succeed in my stimulation

  • Setting off to Kiev today!!! I'm super excited. It's already the 4th day of my ovary simulation. They will monitor how eggs grow there in the clinic and then tell the exact day of surgery!

    with your positive vibes, of course xx

  • so, you egg retrieval is on the 39th but you are already going to Kiev? isn’t it too soon? but of course in order to be sure that everything goes well it'd be better for you to be monitored by the professional fertility specialists!

    PS by the way, do you like it in Ukraine? especially, in your clinic. xx

  • it seems too soon for me, too. but I'm not a doctor after all.

    was it your own intention or they told you to come in advance?

    In any case. loads of good luck on you!

  • I thought about it and now I am now considering doing the same because if the treatment starts I want to make sure that everything goes well, especially if I am stimulating my endometrium I am not the best when it comes to something that serious.

  • Hi all! I'm writing it from the apartment that the clinic provided for us in Kiev. Sorry that it took me so long to write back to you. I know that I should have dropped a line and tell that everything fine. It really is but for a few "buts". The flight to Kiev was very tedious. the whole journey took more than 10 hours. btw, if anyone is also with biotex clinic - please know that the driver is not provided for you if you come at night time. They will just order you a taxi. not a big deal, but still you need to know. at 10 am next morning we were already in the clinic for test and ultrasound. they confirmed the eggs are growing normally and I continue with merional. Much more things to tell you. I think I will post more in my blog havingababyafterhysterectom... Look forward to new posts soon. so much to tell!

  • hey there! I've already finished my stimulation and wait for eggs retrieval tomorrow

    This thread is becoming outdated. I guess it's time to close this discussion and to start a new one. It's already another stage of our surrogacy program - fertilization tomorrow. we're excited and keep fingers crossed. please do the same for us. and wait for new updates from me xxx

  • Rasteny,

    I'm really with you and keeping fingers!!!!

    Waiting updated information after eggs retrieval!

  • fingers crossed for you all the time, hunnie! I hope it worked!

    I follow your blog and I can't wait to know about the result of your procedure. we did surrogacy in the same clinic back 2 years ago, so it's interesting for me know how it changed/didn't change with years.

    Your positive result is all that matters!

  • I know, Kim, thank you for your support. There is a new thread on my surrogacy journey here, so maybe you already know that everything’s fine, our surrogate is pregnant with a singleton. Next week is our 12 weeks scan, very excited. I hope we’ll be able to travel and meet surrogate. I wasn’t too talkative on my blog recently but I’m sure I’ll have much to share once we travel to Kiev. I’m sure it will be an unforgettable journey. I keep thinking of our surrogate day and night. I’m so excited to meet her in person. I’m sure she feels the same.

    As to changes with time, I can’t say for sure as I don’t know how it all worked back two years ago. Now they have a great deal of clients!

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