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What to expect

Hi, I will be signing the paperwork on Monday an then I will be starting the long protocol. What should I expect. Feeling very nervous as time gets closer 😬

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Hi Sophia88.

I am on my second cycle of ICSI on the long protocol. I'm assuming it's a standard thing but I'm not sure.

what it meant for me was a day 21 prostap injection for down regulation then a few weeks later a scan to make sure my lining was thin enough then started injections of Gonal F and Luveris for ten days. There is also a nasal spray of Burselin. I don't mind injections but couldn't do them to myself so hubby has been doing them and they have been absolutely fine. Not sore.

I have also been lucky to have not too many side effect.

I'm sure you will be fine as well. It's definitely daunting though.

Good luck with your cycle. 💞

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Thank you for getting in touch :)


On day 5 of my period I started the pill for 21 days, then on around day 14 of the pill I started to down regulate (buserelin injections once a day) - I'm on day 7 of this now and last pill today. Then I have to wait for my period (should arrive any time between tomorrow and Wednesday) - after my period I'll go for my baseline scan (still taking buserelin) to see if the lining of my womb is how thy want it, if it is I will start Menopur (Stimulating injection) alongside the buserelin until egg collection at the end of November :)

Good luck!! Xx


Thank you for getting in touch :)

Good luck! Hope it all goes well for u x


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