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Positive Outcome

Hi There

I am currently 12 days into my downgrading and I'm not sure if it's he hormones but I would really love to hear from anyone who has experienced success with ICSI.

This whole process has now become very real for me and I am worrying sick that this will not work. I'm actually terrified to want something that I may never have and some times reading posts on here, can add to that. I know everyone's journey is different and not everyone has a positive outcome but it would be really nice to see/hear that it does work. Just for a little hope for the rest of us if not anything thing else.

Defo in need of some positive upliftment!

Xxx 😬😬😬😬

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Hey Hun! Just wanted to say that I myself am day 12 for down regulating! I have my scan booked for this Friday. I feel like you in that I feel scared that I'm going through this but it may fail. Trying tonbe positive but want it to work so bad! When will your scan be xx

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Thank you for your reply. Good Luck for your scan - hope you are ready for the next stage! My scan isn't until Tuesday 25th Oct....

Unless this is happening to you, no one knows how it feels. It is tough, physically but more so emotionally.

Nothing is gaurenteed which I suppose is the hardest part of all.

I keep telling myself, it has to work for some people as otherwise they wouldn't offer the treatment! That's my one bit of hope ❤️💙

Good Luck Hun x


Thank you :) don't worry you are not alone and it's quite good I have a cycle buddy now! Keep me updated :) hope your scan goes ok to. I hope I can start stimming this Friday. Saw my first bruise from the down regulation today 😂 we can do this!!! Xx


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