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Is it normal to get ovulation pain whilst on clomid?

Hi ladies hope everyone is as good as can be :-) All the best to everyone on this wacky journey :-*

I'm on my second round of clomid - finished taking them 29th and after last month ditched the sticks and went for the calendar method instead.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning I woke up to intense pain coming from my left ovary-I had to breath through it for a few seconds. Then it turned to slight backache.

Didn't think too much about it. Thursday mucus went thick- like ovulation had past.

But I thought we better keep trying in case I was wrong- we still will hubby is quite happy to :-D

Yesterday my tummy was a bit groggy.

Last night I experienced the same thing- ovary pain-this time in my right ovary and backache-fertile mucus. Still have backache today and feel a little tired- although I am managing to type this on my computer.

Is it possible to in fact ovulate twice in one cycle within a few days? Has anyone else experienced something similar? I really was trying not to symptom spot! I have been so busy at work and college- hoping that would distract me hmmm. :-O I don't want to bothering my clinic and be known as being that pain in the butt! x x x

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Hi there. I had mild ovulation pains both sides with Clomid.

3x eggs released (2x one side and 1 the other)!

I had a scan which showed this and my IUI was postponed...

We caught that month and now have beautiful 12 week old twins =)

I think it can be possible to have hyperstimulation with Clomid though so be sure to get checked out if your symptoms worsen.

Good luck. x


Thank you Madge9 for your reply.

Huge congratulations on having your twins- must make it all worthwhile going through this. How amazing to end with not one but two beauty's. :-D

The pains are gone- we were more than happy to throw a lucky dice at it- we have always said we will have whatever we are meant to have. 👣

Seeing clomid work for someone has given me more hope - thank you 😊


Hi jess1981. Often ladies feel ovulation pain when on Clomid. Some even do so when not on any medication. It should be nothing to worry about, so fingers crossed for you as always. Diane


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