Two day period with low ovarian reserve -is this a problem?

Hi ladies, before I was on the pill my period length was 5/6 days started pill 10 years ago length of period was 4/5 days been off the pill two years no pregancies length of period has been 3/4 days was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve June only just approved for nhs ivf next march(results boarder line), this months period has only lasted two days (medium/low flow) and im freaking out that this is a sign things are getting worse still on a 28 day cycle but I'm also terrified of ringing the hospital in case things have deteriorated and they with draw treatment. Does anyonehave any advice or been through something similar? Going private not really an option right now due to lack of saving Xx

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  • Hi, don't worry yet as I found out I have low ovarian reserve (amh of 2.3) and I had a similar short cycle not long after finding out and I was horrified, thought my lining was drying out because I was infertile, etc! 'My next cycle was back to normal so please don't worry. I see a medical herbalist who gives me some herbs to boost abdominal circulation, and you can also take L arginine (Google it with womens fertility). And keep hydrated drinking lots of water. I've been taking all sorts recently to increase my amh and decrease my fsh and I just got the call that I have improved both from the docs, going in for the actual results later. Do you know what your results were?x

  • Hi nmill. Of course this is a worry for you, but hopefully your cycle is just fluctuating, and will carry on doing so. When you do go for your treatment, perhaps speak to them about doing a short protocol, so as not to switch your ovaries off and more than necessary, and go straight into stimulation for better results. Wishing you well with it all. Diane

  • Thank you for the advise and putting my mind at rest so what, it's been a stressful couple of months which I'm sure hasn't helped xx

  • Hi nmill. I'm sure it has been. You will be looked after when you go back, so just have a little rest when you can to recharge your batteries before you go back. Thinking of you. Diane

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