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Long stim... any success stories? (Day 19, and too much time to think!)

Hi All, anyone still watching who went through longer stimulation?

I am heading for 20days of stim. My two growing follicles have progressed well over the w/e, and are finally getting to the required size. (18mm at my clinic. 6 others, but pretty small, 8mm and smaller.)

I did 14days stim last autumn, had more follicles at good size. 8 eggs collected, 5 mature enough, 3 fertilised, and amazingly 2 went to blastocyst.

A couple of nurses have mentioned they had a patient go to day 22 recently (I assume they meant she got to egg collection...).

I broke down with the nurse today and asked would they let an NHS funded cycle go to such a long stim, and she said - yes, if the patient wishes. (Its been our choice to continue... to take more drugs home after each scan - deciding every two days is doing my head in!!)

She suggested I ask the consultant at my EC my question about data on outcomes related to stim length (might email the clinic... will have other things to think about on EC day! But not expecting they look at it or will share.)

I suppose data is my usual problem of paralysis by analysis.

So just wondered if anyone's had positive 6wk scan, or even birth of a healthy baby after a longish stim... (And low follicle numbers?)

Looking for anecdote in the info void. At least I do now seem to be heading for an EC!! That seemed quite uncertain last week.

Best wishes, All. Xx

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I stimulated for 22 days, got to egg collection. They collected 4 eggs, only one was good for transfer. I'm now 27 weeks pregnant. Keep positive x


Thanks for your reply! Suddenly I'm going for EC tmrw, so fingers etc crossed!

Congrats and best wishes! Xx

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Hope it all goes well x


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