Things no one tells you; part two

Along with not closing the lid on your sharps bucket I found out this little nugget today; don't use a hot water bottle. Ok maybe that's fairly obvious to some but obviously it wasn't to me lol. I had a system going; 15 minutes before injection 1, ice pack then half hour of hot water bottle. Same system for my second injection of the evening. It was working! Less discomfort for me! I'm glad I asked if I was doing the right thing today though because "You don't want to heat up your uterus" Oops. Of course this applies to hot baths during treatment too...

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  • No hot water bottles??? Glad I read that as was just about to grab one there..will get a blanket instead😏our hospital tell us very little..I have been going swimming during injection that ok? I read somewhere about not taking baths that true? This is a minefield 😧 here did you sort your share bucket? Xx

  • Baths are ok, not hot baths. So maybe showering would be even better.. I'm not sure about swimming; I was told no bath or swimming for one week after transfer X

  • Yikes ok then..even more excuse to chill on sofa with box set then😉xx

  • We forced the bucket open with a screwdriver! Swapped it for a new one today x

  • Ohhhh I used a water bottle after egg collection for couple of days . 😕

  • If we're not told any different how are we to know??

  • I used a hot water bottle all the time while I did injections. They are particularly good for when you're stimming I thought. You have to avoid after ET.

    Did me no harm, got my bfp! Always check with your clinic, they used to tell me to only trust nhs websites and their advice. There's loads of 'advice' to be found if you're a googley fiend like me!

    Good luck x

  • All I ever seem to find is conflicting advice haha. Thank you x

  • Warmth is good before transfer :-)

    After transfer, they say to keep your feet warm and nothing too hot like baths and showers...

  • I have read myself that a hot water bottle was good but the nurse at the clinic told me it's a no no "no overheating the uterus" Never know what to do for the best 😞

  • Hhhmmm always want to trust the "experts".....

    Even when I had acupuncture for all my rounds, she was using heat lamps on me pre transfer, but wouldn't do it after transfer!

  • Just sticking with the ice packs 😕

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