Starting my second round of clomid!!

Hi everyone hope you're all well X

My first cycle of clomid didn't bring me a baby this month. Not many people conceive first month of starting fertility treatment - my mum said to me " if it always worked first time they'd only give you one months worth - not 6 months worth" and it's so spot on. Mums always know best!

But I have managed to draw some positives from the situation. I saw evidence of the clomid making me ovulate via a progestrone blood test- 61.7 nmol much higher than other tests I've had done. I've learned ovulation sticks are best avoided- clomid can affect the results of these tests. Getting stressed at the point of potential conception is hardly ideal. My consultant wrote to me over it ( yes I was that paranoid!) advised me to try between days 10-22 of the cycle to give us the best chance of conception- by doing that I won't need ovulation sticks and recommended I spent the money on some nice wine! Well if it's Drs orders...πŸΈπŸ·πŸ˜†

At least I'm ovulating at a much more normal time of my cycle - I used to see lh surges on day 8- which my consultant told me is too soon and that the clomid would resolve that issue- later period is proof of that.

One of these months we will strike it lucky! Can't always be a no!!!

Good luck to everyone hope you all get that BFP X X X

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  • Hey Jess! Just wanted to say good luck for your next cycle :) hoping it brings you a BF!! All the best xx

  • Thank you NDE1987. ☺️

    Always feels positive when we are doing something πŸ‘πŸ»

    What's the latest with you? When is your appointment with your nurse? I hope it goes well ekk how exciting for you! ( I know it sounds strange saying that- but when in this situation we want to do all we can to give ourselves the best chance). Let me know how you get with your appointment. X

  • Awww thanks Jess! Next appointment is this Thursday then my treatment plan I'll be discussedd. My husband and I signed off aall the paper work today! There was loads lolllll. Thank for your kind words xx

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