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Does clomid affect your cycle?


Hi ladies.

How are you all?

i took my first cycle of clomid last month.

I didn't detect an lh surge but did confirm ovulation with a progestrone blood test.

Before clomid I had a regular 28 day cycle ( mostly).

This month I have had no pms like I normally get prior my period. No mood swings no pre period cramping at all.

Over a week ago I had mild cramping and a small amount of pink discharge - sorry if tmi.

Started mildly spotting on cd 29- so I think ok my period is coming a little disappointed but look forward to starting the next cycle and having another "shot" at it.

This is the third day of minor spotting and still no cramping.

I haven't dared taken any clomid - I need to be on cd 2 of full flow period.

If I do not my period properly by Monday then I will get in touch with my clinic - I have an email address of a nurse there- I actually received lovely letter from my consultant re the ovulation sticks. I want to give it time and I don't want to a pain calling all the time- it's that awful women again!! 😆

Has any ladies on here had similar issues with clomid?

All the best to everyone on this hard journey X X X

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Hi Jess

I've taken clomid before and it has delayed my cycle slightly (v annoying!).

Never got any spotting mid cycle tho. Could be a good sign??

Hope things become clearer for you soon. By far the worst thing about all of this is the endless waiting!!

All the best and fingers crossed xxx

I know it sounds silly but u have checked whether u might be pregnant? Clomid brought my cycle length down from 50 days to 28 so could also make yours slightly different. I know u said you didn't get a lh surge but the blood test is a lot more accurate and that said u had ovulate so technically u could be pregnant. Before taking your next lot of clomid I would recommend u do a pregnancy test just to check yr not preggers. I fell on my first cycle of clomid and didn't think I was as didn't really feel much different and like you was waiting to take next lot of tablets. Just test and if no positive wait till your period properly starts before taking next lot of tablets xx 😊😊😊😊😊

Hi Jess. I took Clomid for six months and it messed about with my cycle quite a lot. Some months I had loads of PMS and spotting before my period, and other months it made me feel great and delayed my period by 3 or 4 days. When that happened I got stressed/excited and took a pregnancy test but unfortunately it was always bfn. I think it can affect different people in different ways depending on how sensitive you are to it. Definitely don't start taking your next clomid until you are in full flow of your period though. It can really affect your emotions too so take care of yourself. Good luck! xx

My periods were regular- 28 day cycle for 6 months whilst on clomid. My usual periods range between 27- 34 days. So I found that a bonus! Also my periods were lighter only lasting 4 days. I usually have cramps exactly a week before I'm due on! But on clomid didn't get the same symptoms every month. They say if it's going to work usually happens within month 2-3 of taking the drugs. Best of luck to you.xx

hI! Jess, i do understand the feeling i was on clomid for six months. I use to have a 28 days cycle when i started using clomid. The first month i was 3 days late and i had light spotting. I was very excited, my hopes was up then it came. For the first four months i was late comparing to my usual 28days i use to ovulate on the 14 day after my period but that changed to. My ovulation date was all over the place, one month it was 14 days after the next it was 16 days etc.. My moods was up one month then low the next. The last two months of taking it my cycle dropped from 30-31 days to 26 days. It have been 4 months since i have stopped using it and my cycle is still 26 days and i still have to keep track of ovulation because it differs every month. Clomid have messed up my cycle and the time i ovulated. However each person is different so it might be different for you. So my advice is take a day at a time know that these changes is possible and keep positive. Best of luck to you. Hope36.

Thanks ladies.

My period is in full flow this morning - at least I know what is happening.I can now move forward and see what next month brings :) On advice from my consultant I will ditch the ovulation try between days 10-22 and spend the money on a nice bottle of wine ;) It is after all Drs orders ;) Have been very good with my low Gi diet and not drinking- but tonight I will treat myself to some naughty food and wine ;)

I can now start my clomid from tomorrow and at least I know that clomid does alter cycles-know what to expect. Our consultant said we have got 30% chance each clomid cycle- sounds good odds- one month well crack it ;) By -not using the sticks will stop the stress ;) Onwards and upwards x Progestrone blood test Loopylou2015- I agree its far more reliable than sticks- I know the clomid is doing its job well x

Thanks again for all the support- it is very much appreciated. x

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