Wind like pains

So tomorrow I'm 6 weeks pregnant!! Today well this afternoon I've had some pain only way I can describe it is it's like really bad wind like pain at one stage o thot I might pass out but it's all completelyfine now anyone else experienced this?? DianeArnold could you reassure me could I maybe have just done to much today I'm resting up now but I'm scared something is going to happen xo

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  • Hello, I had shocking bloating and wind pains.right up to about 9-10 weeks. I realised at one point I was over salivating and swallowing quite a lot taking air with it. Probably causing trapped wind. Don't worry. You might have overdone it, but there's a lot going on in your body right now, but I remember in the early days every twinge is terrifying. Simeticone (windeZe) is safe to take during pregnancy, and they became my best friend with my eldest son. If it starts again give them a try. Wind pains are very different from mc pains and I've had both.

    Try not to worry lovely ❤️😊 Xxxx

  • Hi sam84. Oh dear - not nice! Unfortunately, this is very common at around this time in pregnancy. Your womb is just starting to move up through your pelvis and is probably pressing on your bowels a bit by now. You have 2 Broad ligaments that support your womb as baby grows too, which will be on the move too. Quite a lot going on down there at the moment. Make sure you don't get constipated and drink plenty of water. Obviously, if it gets too uncomfortable, you need to pop and see your GP. Hopefully you will have had your first scan by now, or it will be imminent. That should reassure you too. Hope you soon feel better again, and just have a bit of a rest if you need it. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks you DianeArnold it passed very quickly last night after a rennie haha but thank you for the reassurance my scan isn't for another 2 weeks the 5 Oct ill be 8 weeks by then! Today I'm not feeling to great this is the first morning that I've act been sick I thot I was going to be lucky and not have sickness only the feeling haha thank you also misswinky34 I'm so paranoid at every we twinge I've also had Mc and ectopic so I just need that scan fir the reassurance that buba is ok xo

  • Hi sam84. Oh dear! Not many of my ladies get away without some morning sickness. You could try a ginger biscuit before you get up - sometimes works - but often we have to grin and bear it! Hopefully it won't last too long and you can get and enjoy your pregnancy. Good luck with your 8/40wks scan when you get to meet your little "bean" and see his/her little heartbeat - magical! Hope all goes well with your pregnancy, and if I can help at all with my midwife hat on, then ask away. You should get to meet your own midwife too soon! Diane

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