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2nd round IVF tomorrow


Hi everyone!!

SO....tomorrow morning I get my 1st injection for IVF.....feeling so relaxed this time round.....had a positive then miscarried a few months ago so guess I ready for both outcomes this time round so staying optimistic 😁

Not going to be so rough on myself this time and try to keep the stress away....

Good thing is I go on holiday on Saturday for 2 weeks so have a lovely start to this journey..


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Sounds like your positive and relaxed attitude will stand you in really good stead. Good luck.x

NG13 in reply to katya38

Thanks so much....

Just feels different this time.....x

Hi NG, I am doing another round, a natural FET, at the moment too. I am doing the ovulation tests every two mins at the mo but as you said because of what happened last time I actually feel a little more relaxed and prepared just now. Fingers crossed that continues! We seem to have mirrored each other a bit in these attempts so let's hope we both get strong positives this time. Have a super fab holiday and hope you manage to keep the stress monsters away😉

NG13 in reply to Datak

Oh are you? Sending lots of luck your way 💜

It's funny isn't it how it just feels a little different this time eh? ....

Yeah I've noticed that we have mirrored each other too ☺️

Good to have someone that can relate to you!!

Speak soon ☺️ Xx

Thanks honey💕keep in touch x


Hi NG13. Just wanted to wish you "happy holiday" and come back refreshed. I will be thinking of you and wish you huge luck for a positive outcome this time. Diane

NG13 in reply to DianeArnold

Aww thanks Diane.

Yes it's a very nice start to this second journey....definetly a different outlook this time round.


Hi ng13 I started my first cycle on the same day as you😀fingers, toes crossed for us both. I felt so stressed in the run up and then suddenly it hit me that I need to chill out. I have taken some time off work to chill, relax, walk, swim etc so that I am so chilled throughout it all..here's hoping this strategy works..my husband certainly happy as house is spotless....sending you lots of luck and enjoy your holiday xxx

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