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Collapsing Cyst

Hey all,

Had good news last week that my ovary cyst developed during a FET cycle has started collapsing. Phew no need for it to be drained after all. Going to try FET on a natural cycle now which is a huge relief as I suffer terrible with anxiety & bouts of depression which is only made worse by Suprecur medication. Feeling apprehensive about the next attempt but greatful I can try with no medication.

Glad I have this network to talk to.

Hope ur all well xxx

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Hi Nat6. Always good to hear that a cyst has sorted itself out, and you don't have to go through having it drained. As you say, far less to worry about as you go through your natural cycle. Just wanted to wish you well with it all, and for success. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks so much Diane. Fingers crossed for everything as we move on to the next steps now. Will be doing my trigger injection this evening. X


Hi Nat6. Hope all goes well with egg collection. Diane


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