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Cycle buddies?

Hi all,

Is anyone starting their cycle in october? Ive just had a lap to remove endo and my remaining tube before i start. On decapeptyl for another month got my pre treatment appt and mock transfer mid october before starting stimulation 27th october! So far so good on the decapeptyl i cant work out uf im having hot flushes or its just because its hot at the monent! Its my first cycle so not sure how im going to cope with everything...

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Hey hun! I will keep you posted, I find out in 2 weeks when my cycle will be! Xx


I'm not having treatment in October but just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your treatment! I had a lap in December to remove severe endo, had already had a tube removed the year before that. Is the decapeptyl to stop the endo coming back? I was very nervous about our first cycle but honestly it is nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Injections are fine once you get used to mixing the powder and solution, it's just a bit fiddly at first. The stressful bit is after the transfer I found, as you go from quite close supervision to no contact at all with the clinic and you just have to wait! We will be trying again with a frozen embie hopefully in November xxx


hiya im on a short protocol and start my first cycle of injections on 7th October with ET around 17th October :) wishing you the best of luck :) xx


Hey I'm starting my treatment in October.

Currently on the contraceptive pill until 30th September. I've to go into hospital on 6th October where they'll do a scan and I should be starting injections on that day too.

I'm on short protocol so says it's about 11 days of injections although this can vary 😊

Good luck ladies. Would be good to all keep in touch throughout treatment xxx


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