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Getting confused!

I've had my last appointment with sub fertility doc and then when got sent to the Ivf unit they said they will go over my records and send them to me then after that I will have to phone when it's my first day of my period, is this right? I thought we would have more appointments to go through things more, ahhhh it's so confusing, this is my first time going through this and I feel like I'm over thinking everything and it's confusing me.

Help xxx

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Hiya, welcome to the world of ivf over think! (Am about to commit to round 3 and have been over think again for weeks!)

It might be worth calling and asking to speak to one of the nurses. (I like to learn the nurses' names and voices. Got to know a few, saw 5 or 6 diff nurses in my fresh cycle.

From my experience and reading, you tend to have a 'nurse-planning' appointment, where they go through all the drugs (inc injections!) and the timings of down-reg sniffing, the stimulation and the progress scans they that phase.

The fact you know you are going to be on long protocol, maybe some stuff has already been handled (from the medical team's side).

Maybe your clinic do the planning/info appointment after the start of your period, but that doesn't give you long to source your drugs, if self-funding.

(It might be worth asking for a draft prescription, if you want to do some homework on that.)

But suddenly you're off! Which is quite exciting after all the waiting?? Best wishes for it all...


Hey, thankyou for your reply, I've got told I'm on short protocol and as I'm on my period now he was hoping to want to start when my next period starts but the nursing staff was like no need to sort paperwork out. I'm having the treatment funded on nhs. I'm having to phone in the morning to ask why the the gyni guy wanted to start so quick and I'm going to ask about more appointments, I forget to ask questions as I'm trying to take everything in,sorry for rambling on. I wish you all the best in your next cycle and sending lots of baby dust xxxx


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