How are all u beautiful ladies doing???

Hi ladies sorry not been on here in a while been tryin to sort my head after are u all doing?? where are u all in ur journey and how many of u now have that much awaited BFP?? i love to hear u all gettin ur dream come true...hope all u lovely ladies are all doing great and for u lovely ladies still wishing for ur dream to come true i pray ur all still staying strong ur wish will come much love to u all

Emma x

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  • Hey Emma

    Great to hear from you again😍

  • Hey hunnie howz ?? What have u been up 2 howz things ur side?? Xx

  • Hey

    Getting there, ish.

    Just on pill for last try.

    Not getting my hopes up as I don't see if they do the same as the last 2 times the result will be different😑

    Have decided this is my last try.

    I can't and don't want to do this anymore. Having a last try because we have it through the nation health and I need to know we have done all we can😍

    How about you

  • Hey babez hope its all going well and not 2 many side effects...i no how hard this journey all is ive did it a few times now...are u doing fresh or frozen cycle??? Ive did both and ive also did both 1 and 2 embryo transfer..and id defo recommend transfering 2 i got my BFP with 2 embryos transfer and also alot of my friendz got their BFP through 2 embryo transfer...sadly i miscarried last month but am gathering the strength to do another FET sometime soon with again 2 embryo transfer...what are ur plans for ur next cycle ???? Xxx

  • hey starting from scratch again. I would rather freeze all to recover as had ohss each time but have to see whgat the hospital say as I seem to see a different docotr each time, each with different ideas

  • To be honest in my experiance FET seems the better option as i also suffered badly with OHSS but yet my FET was the 1 that give me my BFP...its best u take time to recover my first 1 i suffered badly with OHSS but insusted on going a head as had a real rough road to get to that point we transfered 1 embryo day 5 but wasnt to be but our next cycle FET 2 day 5 embryos go us our BFP..we also seem to see different dr evertime but it seems its the embryologist that replaces the embryos that do the finnal transfer is the ones who count in my experiance as their the ones puttin our little embies back in the right place to implant x x x

  • Ditto. The first time I implanted 2 the other 2 didn't make it. Second time froze all, all defrosted ok but again stopped developing. 2 in the rest arrested

    First time dreadful ohss so second time injected something to avoid ohss but have to freeze all

    This was to be the scenario now but new doctor doesn't seem bothered about ohss

    Don't know what to think . Nightmare

  • Sound like this new dr really dont care to much am so sorry 4 that this is bad on his part..babez if u OHSS u no now ur bodys feeling and with the transfer ontop it can really make u sick as i found out on my first try when i went ahead even tho i OHSS i was so ill i felt i wqs dyin for a good month even with my BFN i still was ill for a good 2 weeks after..i no uv come this far but if u OHSS id defo suggest u freeze again rather then get so sick it dont stand a chance,but am not u so cant make that choice onlynu can hunnie...but this is ur health and ur body babez do what is best for u but dont let some uncaring dr push u to do whats not best for u x x x

  • I hope i didnt speak out of turn so sorry if i did i never ment to x x

  • Glad to see you back emlou25. You're such a strong lady. So thoughtful of others. Hope you are feeling better and I want to wish you the very best with whatever decision you make. X X X

  • Hi jess how are u?? Thank u for ur reply am doing ok now my heads started 2 settle still have the odd tear but am doing ok...i just want all these lovely ladies to have there little ones as i no how hard everyone hopes and prays for them each day..i love hearing when ladies get there wish..hope all is well ur side and hope ur doing great xxx Hugz

    Emma xx

  • Hi Honey..

    Glad to see you back! i have had one failed cycle had just 2 eggs collected..i paid for another cycle myself had same result even with different meds so was guttered still only two eggs! was told they noticed a polyp on my womb as well they called next day to say better result both eggs fertilized and so now have two embryos in freezer until i get polyp removed then they will do FET when i have all clear from polyp i have already had one removed before my first cycle so was shocked its returned but keep hearing FET more successful so just hoping now both embryos survive so i have chance of doing double transfer...good luck to you on your journey i hope this one sticks lots of baby dust to you!! lol xxxx

  • Hey liz oooh so sorry to hear about ur poly hope ur not in 2 much pain bless u....but on a better note woohoo 2 embryos 2 transfer i got my BFP with 2 frozen embryos so am very positive u will also get urs this time 2 😆🙏 and yeh it seems FET is more successful as i keep hearing ladies get there longed for BFP with their FET cant wait 2 hear u get urs 2..hope all goes well with ur poly removel hoe long does it normaly take 2 heal after ??? Hope it wont be 2 long await for u hunnie X x x

  • its nice to hear from u dear emzlou...i wish we all get our happiness one day...

  • Thank u lovewinspain i pray we all get out BFP very soon Bags of baby dust to all u beautiful ladies x x x

  • HI Emzlou,

    So far everything is good with me. I have been feeling the baby moving a bit in the last few weeks (just 19 weeks today). We have our structural scan in a couple of weeks so praying that part goes well. Things are starting to be more visible but I plan to tell people after that scan as I'm still living in dread of miscarriage. Beginning to get more excited about it when I tell people and they are very excited for me. Wishing i could be more excited too, but I'm am feeling more relaxed about things and starting to prepare our place for the new arrival. Hubbie is still in shock and that's been hard as he seems to be suffering from depression at the moment, but he has been having counselling so that's a positive.

    Hope you are ok and that you will get your baby soon xx

  • Hey hunnie try now to stress to much ur now well past the 12 week mark so risk of miscarriage had dropped very big now so try to enjoy feelimg ur baby move thats so precious...i hope ur hubby is ok and its not easy dealing with depression but with good counselling he will he ok and even more so when ur little bundle of joy is born 😆 ut gonna be a little worried regardles what anyone says i no how i felt just take it day by day and remember that everday ir baby kicks he or she is growing stronger so thats a good sign ao try enjoy it much love

    Emma xx

  • Hello, really nice to see you back on here . How r u now ?bwhats your next plan ?

    Im doing really well, I'm nearly 19 weeks now . felt a bit crap last week dr said my heart rate quite fast but this could be due to my thyroid, so going back to see fr today .

    Take care and look forward to hearing from you soon xxx

  • Hey hunnie wow 19wks ur flying lol...glad everthin is ok and yh ur fast heart rate and but crapimg is probs down to ur thyroid as my friend had this with her thyroid so try not 2 worry 2 much...hope ur resting plenty take care of ur self

    And our nxt plan is me and my dear hubby have desided to try again soon as we still have 6 day 5 embryos frozen so fingers crossed for nxt cycle

    Hugz to u dear x x x

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