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Using ovulation sticks with clomid- does it effect results?

Hi ladies.

How is everyone doing?

I started clomifene citrate last week as my consultant believes I'm PCO.

I started using dual hormone sticks from cd 9 ( as I read online clomid shouldn't effect the results after not taking it for 3 days). Without trying to sound like an obsessive crazy women πŸ˜‚ cd 11,12,14,14 all high fertility days but no sign of my LH surge which hasn't shown Of course this leaves me to doubt that it is working. Has anyone else has issues with clear blue ovulation sticks?

Hope everyone is ok and good luck to everyone in this crazy journey πŸ’•

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Hi Jess1981- have you had your bloods done when you started and also having one done at day 21? I had to during my first round of chomid which let me know that it worked ( if it hadn't they'd of put the dosage up!) xxx


My consultant said nothing about bloods or scans x all he did was prescribe 3 months worth and said if I needed my GP could prescribe another 3 months worth x If I don't see a "peak" day this month I might have word with my clinic x I'm on 100mg of clomid x

Thanks for taking the time to reply. X


Hmmmm really? I just don't understand how treatment etc changes from which consultant you have! Surely you'd think they'd give you one to put your mind at rest?

I started on 50mg and was ok on that but if your cycle is late etc then deffo have a word with your clinic! Any questions then just ask! Xxx

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I don't understand how treatment can vary so much between clinics X I think I will speak to my clinic if I don't see an LH surge l- want to be sure it is working X Don't get me wrong I really like our consultant he seemed very efficient- I should trust him really X

Thanks for putting my mind at ease regarding getting in contact with my clinic X


I was annoyed that I was only given day 21 blood tests when I was on it for the first 3 months as I'd read about scanning..nothing was done on the last 3 cycles!

I've just done a quick Google and this was on the nice guidelines..I think you should make some enquiries with them about being monitored as otherwise you might feel like it's been a missed opportunity further down the line?

For women who are taking clomifene citrate, offer ultrasound monitoring during at least the first cycle of treatment to ensure that they are taking a dose that minimises the risk of multiple pregnancy.

For women who are taking clomifene citrate, do not continue treatment for longer than 6 months. [new 2013]

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I know hollibob I was surprised! X As I thought you had to monitored with clomid X I really like our consultant he was very through -he is the leading consultant there X I think if I don't see an LH surge then I'll get in touch with my clinic X maybe they'll do a blood test to see if it's done the job so to speak!! X It might be that the dual hormone ones aren't the best ones to use X Baby making every other day - so at least if the sticks didn't show it I haven't missed it X

Thanks for the guidelines X very interesting X I don't get how clinics vary- if it's procedure surely it's standard practice?! X I can understand why you would be miffed- I am too....

How are you bearing up ( stupid question probably)

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me X X X


Hi jess1981. "Hollibob" is right with what she says. You should really be offered at least one scan to check that the dose of Clomid you have been prescribed is correct for you. however, we used to just give 50mgs for 3/12's then up it to 100mgs for 3 months, if needed - (checking with a scan). An ovulation prediction kit will confirm ovulation whilst on Clomid too - and no more than 6/12's treatment in total per year. Good luck! Diane


Thanks Diana.

I have phoned the hospital as I'm worried that I haven't seen an LH surge this cycle -only estrogen rises. I'm on cd 15..I'm on 100mg of clomid.

The secretary is going to talk to my consultant tomorrow and will phone me back.

I just want to know it's working.

As for the scans/ bloods I'm confused why I've not been offered them- but I will try to trust my consultants judgement. He was very efficient and we really liked him.

Thanks for the support- it is much appreciated X .


Hi jess1981. Just read your post (only here Monday, Wednesday & Friday), so hope you got on OK when you phoned the clinic yesterday. I wondered if you mentioned scanning or bloods?? Diane


The secretary never phoned me back - i phoned my GP surgery and told the receptionists about the sticks - right now I don't care who knows. GP is calling me back tonight - I can't get anywhere with these people. My consultant is busy all afternoon- so I asked the hospital what are the chances of him calling me today -they said unlikely - at least I have my answer . So I'll speak to my GP who has been a good support over all of this - I hope he can shed some answers. X


Hi jess1981. I do hope he/she can. do let me know what is said, if you can. Not here until Monday now. Good luck! Diane


Just to update you Diana - GP said it can be normal to maybe not ovulate the month you start clomid- basically I should give it time.

My clinic still haven't been I touch. It is very difficult whilst going through fertility to not get that support from your clinic. It's making me feel very alone- all tho I have great friends n family and everyone on here including you have been very supportive. It's crazy my clinic don't have a nurse that I can liaise with. I have to wait till our consultant has a free moment urgh. We really liked our consultant - but he's a very busy man - he's the leading consultant and I feel bad about hassling him for answers and wasting his time with things that a nurse could probably answer.

I made a decision that I will have a progesterone blood test done this Wednesday at a private clinic - it's costing me a bomb- but I need a definite answer. If I am not responding to clomid - then I have evidence to show my clinic. Hardly likely to believe some ovulation tests.

Thank you for all your wonderful support - it means so much to me X


Hi I Jess I didn't receive any bloods or scans whilst taking clomid... was in 50mg for three cycles and 100mg for three cycles and had just been given the go ahead to increase to 150mg for another 6 cycles. For the first 5 cycles clear blue showed high fertility but I never reached peak fertility until the last round at 100mg. Lucky on this one time I managed to conceive (a week after my first assisted conception appointment) and now have a 4 week old baby girl so hang in there might take a while to work. x

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Sorry jess just realised that this post was written two years ago...for some reason it came up in my feed. x

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Don’t worry!

It may help others who are on clomid to know that clomid does affect the ovulation tests and aren’t recommended to use whilst on clomid; something these money making companies don’t state.

A lot has happened in those 2 years; I was diagnosed with endometriosis June 2017 ( the clomid actually led to my diagnosis 😏) and did conceive afterwards but miscarried. Still think it’s huge progress after not being able to fall in 6 years 😘and I’ve had two more laps since.; my last one was two weeks ago with an endo specialist.

Huge congratulations on your on the birth of your baby what wonderful news . Hope you are enjoying being a mummy πŸ˜πŸ’ž xoxo


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