Feeling down and depressed

Hi to all the lovely ladies here. I don't know how to start.... I started my first cycle

Of IVF on 29 August and today i was told to stop all medications and this cycle has to be abandoned bcos my blood test is not showing good result. I've been going for continuous scans and blood tests since last week. I just feel down and depressed. I can't stopped crying. I don't feel like going to work. I've called the clinic and booked an appointment with my consultant to discuss what's next. Sorry for the negative post. Thank you for listening.

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  • Hi hunn

    You are not the only one. Were in this together😘

  • Be strong honey, you should never give up! I know what are you feeling, this journey is a rollercoaster of emotions. Three month ago i had a terrible news after my lap, I was diagnosed with stage III of endometriosis and both tubes blocked, so I was going straight to IVF. Then I had an HSG test and my tubes were free. My AMH is low for my age and FSH high, but I have several antral follicles! So I'm going to start IUI the next month...I'm dealing with horrorendus pelvic and back pain but I'm still positive, I hope to see my BFP soon. I hope you too! We should be strong, confident and patient!

    Sorry but my english is not awsome... :)

  • This endometriosis sucks....excuse my french 😊. I also been diagnosed with severe endometriosis (stage 4) last year July. Right Fallopian tube blocked, left tube still patent but lots of adhesion, both ovaries was stuck on my womb. Gyneacologist managed to unstuck it but apparently left ovary is stuck again at the back of my womb and I got a small cyst. And I got 5 fibroids (it started with 2 and the number has got up to 5). On top of everything I got rheumatoid arthritis and SLE( 2 auto immune diseases). I'm trying to stay positive but sometimes it's so hard. I feeling like locking myself away from everything. Life can be so unfair at times. Wishing you all the best with your treatment. Take care.xxx

  • They

    My first one got cancelled too for to estradiol going sky high. It's gutting

    Try think of it as a test run

    Next time you'll know whats happening😘

  • They told me mine has dropped a lot. So was your cancelled cycle was count as one cycle or they did count it as one? I'm worried I have lost one cycle just like that 😔. I got an appointment next Friday to discuss about what has gone wrong.

  • Hey

    I'm from the UK but living in Spain, we get 3 tries here. It doesn't count unless eggs are extracted here.

  • Tomorrow I' going to call the clinic and ask them. Keeping fingers crossed this cycle hasn't been counted as one. So I can still have the 2 cycles. Otherwise my other one will be my last one. So when are you going to start your other cycle?

  • Started the pill on Saturday, ages to go yet 😀bit ironic taking the pill, not as if got pregnant in the last 4 years is it😉

  • Sorry to hear that. I've heard of people thus has happened to who have gone on to have a successful cycle. Don't panic. Wait for the appointmen and see what they say xx

  • My first cycle was cancelled due to low response. The clinic refunded most of the money in this case as they based my drug dose on an AMH result from a year previously and I complained. The 2nd cycle cycle was the longest ever with delays due to high progesterone twice, thin lining.

    Its bad enough going through IVF in the first place, let alone when that process doesn't even go smoothly. You will get there in the end. x

  • Hi Mantaray75, my AMH was done in June 2016 and I commenced treatment in August 2016. I was told it's borderline and it's normal for my age (I'm 36 years old). I'm Nhs funded (supposed to be getting 2 fresh cycle and I think a maximum of 4 frozen). So 1 cycle is gone, only medications I've managed to take is merional and fostimon both I was on 150 iu. And I took only 2 cetrotide 0.25mg injections and then my cycle was cancelled yesterday. I just feel everything is over, I was trying to be positive with my first cycle. But cancelling it due to poor respond has broken me into little pieces and I don't feel positive about the second one. I'm so sorry about the ranting and being so negative.

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