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Hi, ladies. I decided to write to you because I need your help. I’m infertile due to a low ovarian reserve. We’ve been TTC for nearly 4 years. During this time we had 2 BFN IVFs, and the doctor advised us to get a donor egg to succeed.

My husband and I are British, but we live in France, where egg donation isn’t available. We decided to travel to Ukraine and try our luck there.

We contacted a Ukrainian clinic called Biotexcom. We chose this clinic because we’ve found loads of favorable feedbacks about them on various fertility forums. In addition, our close friends went to Ukraine, and Biotexcom representatives found a nice Ukrainian lady to carry and give birth to their baby.

When we came to Ukraine, we were met by an interpreter and a driver. In addition, we were provided by the apartment and meals. However, these were the only things we liked about Biotexcom.

Our friends told that the clinic isn’t large, but in fact it turned to be very tiny. The clinic’s building looked like a private villa.

When we entered the hall, I was shocked by the things I witnessed there. Firstly, the clinic’s hall was overcrowded with patients. There wasn’t a single doctor’s office without a queue. We had to wait nearly 20 minutes before the clinic’s manager came to meet us. She told us that she was extremely busy at that moment and we can choose any fertility specialist by ourself and get a consultation there.

Of course, we didn’t like such things… We expected that we would contact the specialist without a queue, but, in fact, we spent nearly half an hour before we found the doctor’s office where the queue was the shortest.

All in all, we waited nearly an hour before the doctor was ready to meet us. We liked the doctor, but she talked with us very formally. The consultation lasted nearly half an hour, but we didn’t get all the answers to our questions.

We visited another reproductive clinic in Kiev. It was Mat I Ditya. The things were different there. Firstly, the clinic’s halls were empty. We noticed only several couples near the doctor’s offices. Secondly, the staff was extremely courteous. They tried to reassure us that everything will be ok, but it was made in the way that I didn’t…

My hubby and I decided not to sign up any contracts, and went back to France. Now we have to decide what to do further.

We didn’t like the way we were treated in Biotexcom. It’s obvious, they have loads of patients, and can’t organize their work properly.

The second clinic was ok, but its halls looked frightenly empty.

Maybe, we should quit both clinics, and go to another place? Or choose the one which has so many patients?

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  • Just a thought honey but why are you not considering coming to the uk for donor eggs? our clinics are not the best and granted are expensive but by the sounds of it they are a lot more sensitive and professional than these clinics i certainly dont think you should try either of these two as it seems you are not comfortable so i would either keep looking and researching google the clinics etc and find out everything you can the positive stories and the negative then go back to the drawing board and try to make your decision once you have all the facts xxx

  • I went to the Eugin Clinic in Barcelona and the service there was fantastic. the staff were all very professional, we saw a few couples but you have private waiting rooms!

  • You should try a UK clinic I did egg share and donated half my eggs from collection I have a beautiful 20 month old daughter and the lady I donated to has a beautiful baby girl x

  • Its such a stressful journey isn't it. Trust your gut, don't go with them if you feel uncomfortable. I'm in a similar position, 2 failed IUIs, 3 failed fresh IVF and 1 failed FET , it's time to try something else.

    I've been researching the top 5 London clinics and 2 in Spain. We decided not to use uk clinics for 3 main reasons, the laws in the UK mean it's not anonymous, the way you choose egg donor characteristics is different to abroad and of course the price.

    I've been researching 2 top clinics in Spain. IVI and IVF Spain. Both really good reviews, excellent success rates and strong egg donor policies. I'm leaning towards IVF Spain in Alicante. Spanish law means all donations are anonymous too. Their Ovo+PGS package has a 75-80% success rate, which when you've been through so many failed attempts is a very important factor in choosing a clinic.

    IVI clinic does a 3 time egg donor money back guarantee. They quote a 95% success rate after 3 rounds of egg donor IVF, and if you're not pregnant they refund you all your 3 rounds.

    I would ditch your current option and keep looking. It's so important you feel comfortable, in control and happy. Any anxiety will have a detrimental effect on your health. Don't put yourself through it.

    I have a brouchure that ranks all the Spainish clinics that I can send you if you Send me a PM and I'm also happy to share my spreadsheet comparing all my uk clinics prices and success rates.

    Also have a look on

    Good luck on your journey sweetie

    Be strong


  • Hi I was successful in a Czech clinic. They were fantastic and very professional. Pm if you would like the details.

    All the best


  • Hi, Starj! We went with Biotexcom. Booked 5 shots program there due to our issues (Both me and my husband). First 2 shots didn't work. But the 3rd one brought us success. :) I have nothing to regret about using them. We're happy parents of a wonderful boy now and are thankful to the place!

    Wishing you all the best X

  • I agree with Hannah143, eggdonationfriends. com gives great insight in egg donation centres and services they provide.

  • Hi! Finding a good reproductive clinic is a tiresome process… There are loads of things that you should take into consideration while doing this. If I were you, I would try to get to know the clinic’s success rates. Having loads of patients is a good sign. I don’t think that people would choose it if the clinic scammed its patients. However, you can have a frank talk with the clinic’s representatives. Ask them why they can’t organize the clinic’s work properly. Maybe you will be able to reach an agreement to visit the clinic at the exact time and meet the specialist without a queue.

  • Hi, everybody! Thanks for your messages!!! They’ve become a real support to me!!! We’ve received an email from the clinic the other days, and they offer us to visit them one more time. When we asked them about the large queues, the clinic’s manager apologized and said that they did have loads of patients that day. Now they ask us to visit them one more time, but they would try to make our visit more comfortable this time.

    Overall, I’ve read loads of messages where the former patients of this clinic wrote good feedbacks about this clinic. So it seems quite reasonable to contact them one more time… but I’m not sure whether it’s worth doing this???

  • Hi, Star J

    and all other participants of this forum. I also have some problems with my

    fertility due to a very tough PCOS. I’m from Germany and it’s quite impossible

    to do an ED program here. My husband and I got interested in Ukrainian

    reproductive clinics. We’ve also emailed biotexcom, and they offer us to come

    to Kiev. However, we don’t know much about this city, except the fact that it’s

    the capital city. The information in Google is rather helpful but we’ve

    interested to get real-life feedbacks….

  • Hun, what else did you expect to see in well-known clinic of reproductive medicine? If you go to any other professional clinic you'll see approximately the same picture. I also faced same picture in biotexcom. There were many people, probably too many for this clinic. There were couples from all over the world, pregnant girls, surrogate mommies, kids... But this picture only inspired me, gave me hope, helped me to believe in the procedure. I had failed cycles of ivf last year. It was so hard to return to new tries... Even now I have some negative thoughts and fear. But all those people gave me some confidence. I think you should just look at the condition which caused your "struggling" from the other side) Good luck!

  • Hi,

    merrymermaid. I was in Kiev two months ago to get an egg donation. I’m

    infertile due to an unknown reason. I tried several IVF programs in the UK, and

    both of them came with a negative result. Doing IVF with a donor egg costs too

    much in the UK, so we went to Ukraine. I was also a Biotexcom patient. All in

    all, everything was ok, and I’m now two months pregnant. I had several shots,

    and got pregnant after the second one. Kiev is a nice city: very European and

    modern one. There are loads of things to do there. When we had free time, our

    program manager organized several tours around Kiev for us. The things are

    really cheap there, so you can buy some souvenirs to remember about this trip

    forever. Though the clinic provides nice meal, we used to have a dinner in a

    nice restaurant in Kiev to relax after the embryos were transferred into my

    uterus, and it was very nice. I know that most of Europeans know very little

    about Ukraine, but this country is worth visiting. Very nice and kind people,

    interesting history and culture and, of course, very good fertility


    P.S. I know

    that some couples don’t want to come to Ukraine because of war. Kiev is rather

    safe city. In addition, you wouldn’t have to look for an apartment or cook

    meals because the clinic will supply you with all necessary things to make your

    stay really comfortable.

  • Hi,

    everybody. I was in Ukraine 3 months ago and didn’t like this country much.

    It’s really poor country and their health care system is bad. I got sick

    because of some infection. When I visited their state hospital, I was a little

    bit shocked. The equipment isn’t modern. The medicine must be free of charge,

    but in fact, you pay for everything. I advise you to check twice before doing

    anything. At least make sure that the clinic’s specialists will use good

    equipment to fertilize and transfer embryos.

  • Marie2016, I agree with you in some way. However, the things aren’t so bad in Ukraine. Biotexcom is a private clinic. They use only modern equipment because they have so many patients. I don’t think they would like to jeopardize their reputation by using out-of-date equipment. In addition, they try to pay enough attention to all their clients. Yes, you have to wait some time in their queues, but we have already waited so long. As for me, I was TTC for 5 years. And what about you?

  • Hi, justlikebarbie! It seems I’ve written a sharp post about Ukraine,

    but these were the things I saw there. Maybe, the private clinics have better

    equipment than the state ones… I don’t know cause I visited a state hospital

    and didn’t like it much. At any rate, I beg your pardon if I offended you in

    some way. I wish you good luck! Take care hun! X

  • Hi,

    marie2016! Never mind! Everything is Ok. Ukraine is really a nice country. I

    like Ukrainians because they are so kind. Especially, I like the fertility

    specialists who work in Biotexcom cause they helped me to become mum. I

    consider myself to be the happiest person because I can take care of my

    beautiful angel now!

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