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1st ivf appointment

Hi ladies,

My husband and I have our first ivf appointment next month at Chelsea and westminster hospital. I was wondering if you ladies could tell me what happens at the first appointment and are there certain questions I should be asking them? Iv had a nice break away from this ferility journey but ready to get things moving again. Thank you xxx baby dust to all of you x

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Hi NDE - that seems to be coming around quickly! Diane has a list of questions you can ask at your first appointment, drop her a message if you can. If not I have them somewhere and can message you with them. Hope your first appointment goes well, ours was fairly straight forward, the consultant was very assertive and led the session, asking us lots of questions, checking all our results and letting us know what type of treatment we would be going with. He also ordered more blood tests and a scan for myself. Not long now! x x x


Awww thanks for replying mommabear! I know that my AMH levels will be tested but I am so scared to find out the results. My FSH and LH are normal but the AMH test scare me the most. I phoned the clinic yesterday and they said after the first appointment then you are usually given an appointment with the nurse 2 to 3 weeks after. I am excited but nervous at the same time. Iv never ever had 2 lines ok a pregnancy test in my life and hope my dreams will come true and nothing else goes wrong. Hope your keeping well and enjoying this lovely weather :) x


It's pouring down here! haha I wasn't worried about my AMH but turns out I should have been as it was low - typical! Hopefully everything will be fine with yours. I really hope your treatment leads to your two lines, it led to mine and, although it was short-lived, it's given me hope knowing that I can get pregnant. Lots and lots of luck to you x x x


Thank you Mommabear! I hope all goes well with your next appointment aswell. I only get one fresh cycle on the nhs so I pray everyday it works xx

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