Sorry in advance for negative post

I'm having a rubbish today. On Friday I raced to a private clinic having just got back from our holiday in Spain. I was told the blood test which is anticardiolipin antibodies would take 2 days. Great I thought. Monday no email of my results. Tuesday nothing. Today I phoned. Lab only got my sample. What the hell? It was sent Friday. This gets better. Results won't be back till Friday. What's the problem with that? My fertility appointment which I have waited months for is tomorrow. And I wanted to show consultant all the results. I said when I had the blood test I needed it back by Thursday and told her about our appointment clearly this wasn't listened to. It may seem like I'm being pety but I've just shelved out Β£58 on this test with the promise of it being in time for our appointment. If they weren't able to do it in time for appointment then they should have at least been honest so I was prepared.We have been looking forward to this for months and I feel this has tainted it which again I know sounds stupid. I feel like I'm in a parallel universe and no one understands what this means to us. I probably just need a size 9 up my backside!

Again I am sorry for this rubbish post

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  • It's understandable that you feel that way as you've done your best to make things right for something that is important to you.

    It might be worth seeing if there is a manager you can email to feedback your disappointment.

    I would just explain to your consultant the test you are waiting for and they will advise you what they think you should do if the test comes back negative and will probably advise you to get it contact if anything changes.

    Some IVF consultants can be dismissive of things like NK cells, so don't be disheartened if that happens, just ask as many questions as you need to X

  • Hey jess, I think you have every right to be annoyed. There is little we can be in control of in this process and if the things we think sorted then go wonky ... then it is more upsetting than it would normally be! I would definitely be calling the clinic again and asking to speak to the manager...or emailing a complaint if you prefer. They can definitely do this in time as they promised, if you get pushed up the list. If it all goes wrong... I wouldn't worry though ... I was missing some results at my first app. But just called them in later and finalised stuff over the phone. Good luck x

  • I don't think it sounds stupid Jess, you paid for a service which you thought would be guaranteed as that's what you were told, and they haven't delivered. I agree with the others, I would kick up a fuss and try and speak to someone senior. Lots of luck with it all xx

  • I think when you explain to them that you had the test results not until friday the consultant will understand honey i know how you feel at times on this horrible journey there is nothing but hurdles but i wish you well and hope your appointment tomorrow leaves you feeling better i also of course send best wishes for your results on friday take it easy sweetie and be kind to yourself! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thank you so much girls for your supportive words. Its nice talking to those who get it .

    I emailed senior member of staff quite to the point demanding to know whose error it was, as I intended to take the matter further. I also pointed out the emotional stress it caused me and pointed out that I didn't expect those not going through this to understand.

    I must have been quite stern coz I have my results back all normal. Thank god!

    Again thanks for being there. You are all amazing and I'd be lost without you X

  • I've just read this after I replied πŸ™ˆ So happy you've got your results and they're all normal! Good luck for tomorrow x x x

  • That is wonderful news sweetie well done to you and good luck for the future cycle fingers crossed for you!!! xxx

  • Aw Jess, nothing about what you have said sounds stupid at all. You've waited so long for this you just want all your ducks in a row that's all, it's perfectly understandable. It sounds like you're already kicking yourself up the bum but you shouldn't be so hard on yourself, the clinic should have been honest with you. I'm not going to lie I'd ask for a refund!! After you've got your results of course!! Let's hope they pull through for you, if not I'm sure your consultant will say that it doesn't matter too much and they will review them on Friday. Hope the appointment goes well and you end the week on a positive note x x x

  • Thanks mommabear16.

    You are always so supportive and say such kind words.

    This situation in general can make you feel like you are losing your marbles!

    Let's see what today brings!

    How are things with you? I was so sorry to hear about your loss- truly awful. X

  • Hi Jess - things are ok. I still feel a little bit lost but for the most part I feel back to normal. Ish haha We have our review on the 22nd September so we're looking forward to that. Hoping it's full steam ahead for 2017! Let us know how today goes, hope it's a positive meeting for you x x x

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