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Advice please

hi I am after some advice please. I had a positive pregnancy result just over 1 week ago. I am on maximum prostergone support. Yesterday I noticed some pink discharge. Just the once ii think. My boobs that had been very sore were no longer. During the night they have become very sore again. I am on aspirin too. I am of course very worried. My scan is not until next week. I am confused. I don't know what to make of it. Is this normal? I did worry moreso as the boobs appeared to go back to normal and now they are very sore again. Please can anyone advise or share their experience. I assume no point redoing pregnancy test as there is no point to them now I guess. Thank you. P.s I had 2 embryos transferred. I am day 19 past blastocyst. Week 5 I think.

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sorry meant to add I had some sharp shooting stabbing pains too on left hand side. Each one lasted a few seconds over 1-2 hours and then nothing. This was 2 occasions.


Hi Mandy - the wait for the scan after the 2ww is worse than the 2ww and everything is magnified by a thousand! My boobs weren't sore a week following BFP. I would Google like crazy looking for an explanation and lots and lots of women said their's went away and then came back. I'm not recommending you start trawling the internet but I promise you that's what they said. When I spoke to my friends who have had their babies they said that they were the same the whole way through their pregnancies; some days the symptoms would be there and some days they would disappear. Spotting is also very, very common. It's completely natural to worry but try not to let your body play tricks on you. Keep as calm and distracted as you can. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way, take care x x x


Hi MommaBear16

Thank you for this. I know I need to relax. The only consolation is that as soon as I get home from work, I am trying to rest. This is our fifth cycle so we know not to take anything for granted but having come this far, I cannot help over analysing every symptom and worrying like crazy. I was bad before and even worse now (if that was possible). I will try and do my best and keep myself busy. I am into a good book now so at least I should have that to keep me going . Just got to make it to the first scan for now. x

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Let's hope that this is your fifth and final round, keeping everything crossed for you x x x


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