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Sex before a natural FET

Hi X

Has anyone been given advice on having sex before a natural embryo transfer? I keep thinking that if our Frostie does not survive the thaw then our lovely peak will be wasted, therefore if we have sex like normal it won't be a wasted cycle and we also have a better chance at a BFP ? I have also read that it can help with implantation?

Has anyone else had sex during a natural FET? Is it safe to do so?

Lou X

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Hi Bumpwanted. Some clinics actually recommend that you have sex beforehand. It just becomes dangerous if you have been stimulated at all, so that there are possibly viable follicles that could produce several eggs at the same time as transfer. I would get advice from your clinic - and don't feel daft or embarrassed. I can understad your logic, but best to go with their recommendations. Good luck! Diane


Thank you Diane xx


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