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Results all back : all normal 😃🙌🏻

Hi ladies. How are you?

Sorry to all those going through set backs/ bfn/ miscarriage youre all in my thoughts. 💕

Good luck to everyone

I've got my results back. I had prolactin, oestradial and 17 hydroxprogestrone. All within normal range. Phew!

So far the only issue that has "flagged up" is my NK cell blood test i had done last month. Came back as 12% under 10% is the normal range. Im starting to think that is our reason for not conceiving. It is a relief to have an explanation after many years of so called "unexplained".

i was thinking about getting my blood tested for "sticky blood" which is another auto immune test. Want it to be ruled out before commencing any treatment.i wondered if any of you lovely ladies have had thid blood test done. Im not sure to have lupus anticoagulant or anticardiolipin done? I know they both test for APS. I'm unsure which one is better! Any thoughts on this appreciated!! X

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That's great and defo another step in the right direction X


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