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HSG And Ultrasound

so wednesday (3rd august) i went for my hsg, few days before and on the day i was nervous about it, reading posts in ttc groups on fb that some women didnt like it and hurt a lot etc. and i didnt find it painful whilst it was being doing, i was upset, but i am an emotional person anyway. had light bleeding, and mild cramps afterwards, and i took painkillers before i went it, and i was watching on the screen and was cool, and the nurse said that everything is fine, no problems at all. she also said that some women after taking the test fall pregnant afterwards, so heres hoping to my self insemination.

so late that night, had a phone call from hospital to book me in for an ultrasound, i couldnt remember if my doctor suggested it or not, so luckily my partner had another day off to take me over, and was told everything is ok.

so thats my updated news, just doing opk's till 2 lines show, and then self inseminate. bit of me is happy for ivf help, but if i catch via self insemination, all good.

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Good luck!!! Go for it!


Wish you lots of luck !!


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