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Hello everyone I’m new to this forum. I don’t know why I never visit places like these before

I was born without womb and always knew that I can’t get pregnant and have a baby in natural way

But my mother never gives up on me, she use to tell me that “I was born special and I will have baby in a special way”. I knew about IVF and surrogacy from I was a teenager. When I met my husband I told him about my issue

Surrogacy was our only way to become parents and to be honest we were confident and ready for any kind of scenario

We choose one of the clinics in Ukraine Kiev and went for a first attempt

Girl manager helped us all the way, all the paperwork and connection with our surrogate mother. We didn’t expect so much support. There are not so many countries where surrogacy is legal same as in Ukraine and where so many women want to be a surrogate for other couples

I can keep writing about my surrogacy in Ukraine but I don’t know if anyone will read it

I would like to find friends who have been through surrogacy and want to talk

Loads of love to all


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Hi 123chloedu

Just wanted to say good luck with your journey and I'm sure your mother is right :-)

I don't have a surrogacy story to share but I'm sure you'll find support in the UK from fertilityfriends.co.uk/ - there is a section on surrogacy, surrogacyuk.org/home - I have been in contact with them regards my magazine and they were very helpful, and brilliantbeginnings.co.uk/a...

You also may want to read Jane's blog completingthefamily.co.uk/b... and you can contact her to.

I hope this helps as I wouldn't like to think that you felt that there was no one else out there. I am always looking for true stories for my readers so if you would like to message me we can 'chat' further if you're interested.

Good luck and best wishes xx


hello fertmag

I was surprised you want to write my story but I think its amazing idea, I would love to do it.

Thank you xx


We are also looking for clinics which have surrogacy programs. Unfortunately our first pick didn't match our preferences. We went to Ukrainian, but this clinic seemed unprofessional to us. There were too many clients and not enough staff. We had to stay in lines for hours and there was no place to seat. I can say nothing about their doctors, especially after reading so many stories on this forum, but we were disappointed looking how this clinic treats its clients. That's why we are in search again. Unfortunately we didn't find anything yet, but we will keep our search.


DeeNR8, I hope you’ll find a right clinic just for you. Please keep posting on how you proceed. I really want to know who offers better service and prices. No wonder so many people choose them. Waiting is no problem who travels there for a baby. We waited and tried for 8 years and only in this clinic we got the treatment that helped. Now we’re happily parenting our twin baby boys and are grateful to the whole clinic and our doctor Elena. Good luck

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so many infertile couples choose Ukraine as a surrogacy destination. i get it: reasonable prices, great level of service, all inclusive basis, mild legislation. however, you forget to mention that local surrogacy legislation apart of all its advantages for the IPs still has a lot of restrictions. why nobody writes here that they approve only married couples? they won't even talk to you before you show them your marriage certificate. the same refers to homosexual couples - prohibited! and you still call Ukrainian law "favorable"?


You’re right. It was the first question the manager asked us when we contacted the question: “Are you officially married?” We are married so that wasn’t a problem for us. However, I agree that it prejudice the rights of singles and homosexuals. If you’re single you should opt for other direction rather than Ukraine. Despite of all this, I still think that Ukrainian surrogacy legislation is rather friendly. The law is always on side of intended parents and you get a birth certificate that never mentions that your baby was born by a surrogate. She is just a carrier and has no right to keep the baby. In USA, for example, if she decides to keep the baby after delivery, she will do it. even if you decide to suit, you’ll fail. Are you ready for such emotional roller coaster?


OMG, great!

Was it for free? Cause my package included the medication for free as well as other services provided by clinic.

I remember wife`s stimulation. She was so scared and excited as well. It was the first time in our life. thanks this meds my dear was able to produce a good number of eggs. 17 have been collected, 8 lived up to 5th day, 3 were transferred at first time, the rest have been frozen for the second round.

Wish you to have a great number of eggs, keep us updated


Hi dear. It feels very happy to read when people share their personal experiences with us. Your case is really a motivation for other couples. Me and my husband both were infertile. SO it was impossible for us to have a baby. But thanks to surrogacy. It really helped us a lot in this and we were blessed with a baby by it. Surrogacy is really a blessing for couples like us who can't conceive or are infertile. It also has much more success rates and guaranteed positive results. Thanks for mentioning such a good story. Your story means a lot and are source of inspiration for other. Best of luck my dear. May you and your family be blessed with good and healthy life.


Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry to hear about your problem. It's great that you found a way through it. Surrogacy is really a blessing I have been through it too. I wish more people were aware of surrogacy. I really grate full to science. I wish everyone good luck. People going for surrogacy be strong. things will work out soon. Take care. Good luck.


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