Interesting advise my nurse just give me

Ladies did u no that ur ment to avoid wearing heels in ur first trimester??? I was told by my nurse today

She said

A pregnant woman who wears heels has a higher risk of miscarriage.

I did NOT no this i was wearing very high heels on saturday when i had my gush of blood & thats first time i wore heels since knowing i was pregnant, i wonder if thats what caused it..becareful ladies xx

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  • Did she say why? X

  • She said because of the way wearing heels tilts ur pelvis and also because when u wear heels ur posture draws in ur tummy causing ur muscles to tense and tighten which isnt good for ur growing baby and to much tightening can lead to bleeding and miscarriage xx

  • Makes sense when you actually think about it, but then there's so many dos and don'ts 😂

  • It's funny I refused to wear heels as soon as we found out but I had no idea about that, I was more concerned about having a wobble and falling over! Good little tip to share though... all ok today? x x x

  • Hi mommabear16,Am so glad she told me as ive been wearing heels alot.,as am only short and my hubbys real tall odd natch i no lol,but now i no this info no more heels for me..everything seems to be settling by the looks thank r u today babez?? Xx

  • That's great news I'm glad to hear it. I'm ok today thanks. Yesterday was a bad day but today I'm a little brighter thank you x x x

  • Ah am so happy to hear ur a little brighter today ive been thinkin about u alot xxx

  • Thank you so much. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the lovely messages. Don't know how I would get through without the lovely ladies on here x x x

  • Ur welcome and i feel the same i dont no how id get through it with out all you amazing ladies on here and all ur lovely messages and advise xx

  • Got to say that's news to me and I'm on number 3 😮 I don't wear them as a rule because I work in a nursery, but was planning on wearing them on our anniversary but I will be 21 weeks by then. Interesting. Wonder if court shoes are ok. I'm like momma bear, don't wear them as I'm clumsy enough at best of times without risking heels (not saying your clumsy momma bear 😳) just that I would worry about falling lol xxxx

  • Hi misswinky34 u should be fine she was talking about in the first trimester babez xx

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