Progynova V Elleste solo Advise

Hi ladies so my ivf centre prescribed me progynova and cyclogest am to take it till 12 week so my perscription run out so went to drs to get a refill but ive just went to take my what i thought was progynova only to see the drs give me Elleste solo yesterday not progynova..anyone took this Elleste Solo??? I spoke to pharmasist who told me there the same estradiol 2mg just its a different brand not sure tho..any advise please xx

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  • they are the same as long as the generic drug name and dose are the same... Drugs always have 2 names, a brand name and a generic name. Think paracetamol and Panadol... Paracetamol is the generic name and Panadol is just the name of the brand but it is the same drug. It all depends what pharmacy buys from what company. I'm a nurse, hence I know this btw! So don't worry, its the same thing.

  • Hi emzlou25. "embiemomma" has explained perfectly! Hope all goes well. Diane

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